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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

North to Tennessee

While in Red Bay, we wanted to get some work done by Brannon Hutcheson at Custom RV.  I wanted to change the arrangement of my driver’s control panel and to have a “Brakeswitch” system installed to help control the engine brake.  While at Red Bay, and getting poor TV reception (off the DirecTV satellite), I also decided that I wanted to have Brannon install a new TV omni-directional antenna.   Brannon had to order one, and it won’t arrive until Wednesday afternoon, so Patsy and I decided to travel about 80 miles north to Ethridge, TN.  There is an Amish community in Ethridge, and we plan to spend Tuesday and Wednesday touring the area, and then return to Brannon’s shop on Thursday.  We arrived shortly after noon today, and it was raining (and still is), but we drove around anyway. 

Here is a picture of the Bus at a rest area on the Natchez Trace Parkway just past the bridge across the Tennessee River, where we stopped for a quick lunch …….

Tennessee Amish 001

We checked into a campground in Lawrenceburg, TN, about 8 miles from Ethridge, and unhooked the car to begin our driving tour.  Here are some pictures……


Tennessee Amish 004

Tennessee Amish 006

Tennessee Amish 007

Before we started the driving tour, we picked up a map at an information center to showed a good route, and listed the Amish farms, and what they had for sale.  Here is a typical picture at an Amish gate…….

Tennessee Amish 009

As we called it a day, and headed back to the Bus for dinner, we stopped at a Wal-Mart.  Like we have seen in other Amish communities, Wal-Mart has a special buggy parking area.  We saw this guy loading his groceries in the ‘trunk’ ……….

Tennessee Amish 012

We plan to get an early start tomorrow, and hopefully, we won’t have more rain.  We should get a lot more pictures.


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