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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rally’s Over, Headin to Red Bay!

On Friday morning, we got up and packed the Bus to hit the road again!  The rally was not over until Saturday morning, but we needed to get to Red Bay and get in line for the Express Bay service for repairs to our slide leak, since we did not have an appointment. 

I wanted to stay at the rally until after 10:00am on Friday so that I could attend an open forum on technical topics about Tiffin motorhomes.  I did, and it turned out to be a good session. 

We headed out about 11:30am, and took another owner’s advice and took some back roads used by truckers.  It worked out well. 

The weather sort of cooperated.  We left with 70 degree temps, and along the way, it got up to the mid 80’s.  As we got close to Red Bay, it was getting down into the 50’s again.  The trip was just under 300 miles.  We also got into a little rain along the way.

Here are some photos along the way:

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 003

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 005

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 006

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 007

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 014

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 009

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 010

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 012

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 018

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 019

Our route took us through Huntsville, AL, and the space camp:

Tellico Plains to Red Bay 020

We arrived at the Allegro campground in Red Bay, AL at about 4:30PM, and got the last full hookup site for the night.  Even though it was cold, we wanted to wash the Bus before we parked in our site. 

When I went into the office to register, there was a guy standing there talking to the host about directions,…… taking up the guys time while I was in a hurry, so we could start washing the Bus.  When he finished his conversation, he looked at me and said ‘Hey, how are you doing?  Do you remember me?”  I didn’t have a clue……. and told him so!  He wouldn’t tell me his name, but I finally listened to the voice and figured it out.  It was Wayne Milne, an RV’er from New York that we had met up with several times in Alaska during our Summer 2005 trip!  He and his wife, Nancy, were in the campground in their Newmar Mountain Aire motorhome and had toured the Tiffin factory….. trying to see how the better half lived!!

The Milne’s had plans to leave Red Bay on Saturday morning, so they came by the Bus to visit after we finished washing it and got parked.  As I remember, he never offered to help with the wash job!!

Here’s a photo of the Milne’s in the Bus:

The Milnes 001

They are on their way to Florida for the winter, and since we are planning a January trip to the large RV show in Tampa, we may meet up at the show, or drive to where they live to visit! 

Wayne, here is the registration form for RV parking at the show

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