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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Creek Falls State Park

We arrived at the park about 10:30AM this morning, and finally got settled into a campsite.  Many of the sites, and the roads inside the camping areas are fairly tight.  I got into four sites before I stayed in one!  The problem was no local TV, and I wanted my DirecTV, so the satellite had to have a clear view.  Once again, our AT&T cell phones have no service, but my Verizon setup for internet has a strong signal, and works well.

Unlike other state parks, this one has many full hookup sites with 50amp power.  Here is our setup:

Fall Creek Falls SP 046

Fall Creek Falls SP 048

After getting a bite to eat, we set out to start exploring the park.   It is a beautiful park, and the trees are changing.  Here is some proof:

Fall Creek Falls SP 002

Fall Creek Falls SP 005

Fall Creek Falls SP 024

Fall Creek Falls SP 028

Fall Creek Falls SP 032

Fall Creek Falls SP 042

We went to see the water fall that the park is famous for.  As we walked toward the viewing area, we saw two RV’ing couples from our Houston based “Lone Star Allegro Club”.  The were Bruce and Sherran Marler & Jack and Bobbie Bussell.  In the following picture, the Bussell’s are on the left, and the Marlers are on the right:

Fall Creek Falls SP 011

They are staying in a campground about 40 miles from here, at Crossville, TN.  After visiting for a while, they went their way, and we continued to view the falls:

Fall Creek Falls SP 013

Fall Creek Falls SP 016

Fall Creek Falls SP 020

After the falls, we continued our tour and drove to an Inn & Conference Center in the park:

Fall Creek Falls SP 037

Fall Creek Falls SP 029

Fall Creek Falls SP 031

It is raining tonight, and it is forecast to rain tomorrow, but we are going to take the car and explore anyway!!!

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