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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cherokee and The Smokies

We woke up on Saturday morning on the parking lot of Harrah’s casino in Cherokee, NC.  We had visited the area of the Cherokee Indian Festival on Friday, and it was more of a carnival than anything else, so we wrote it off.  We decided to drive about 8 miles to Whittier, NC for their Fall Festival.   It was another rainy day, and the festival was pretty much a disappointment, so we went to a small event at the Old Mill in Cherokee.  It was OK.  Here is the small community center where the Whittier festival was held in addition to a few booths that were set up in yards:

Drive to Whittner 002

Drive to Whittner 003

Here are pictures at the Old Mill:

Old Mill - Cherokee 001

Old Mill - Cherokee 004

On the way back from Whittier, we got a glimpse of the “smoke” in the Smoky Mountain name:

Drive to Whittner 004

We went back to the Bus for some lunch.  Here are a couple of pictures of our spot on the casino parking lot.  We had a small path and stream on one side of the Bus:

Bus at Harrah's Casino 001

Bus at Harrah's Casino 002

Bus at Harrah's Casino 003

After lunch, we decided to drive to the visitor center at the Smoky Mountain National Park where we signed Patsy up for her “senior” park pass.  We saw an old farm setting where they were demonstrating the making of molasses like we had just seen in the Amish country earlier this week;

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 004

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 014

Here is the mechanism where they strained the ‘juice’ out of the sugar cane, and the spent sugar cane scraps:

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 005

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 008

Here is the vat where they cook the molasses to thicken it up:

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 006

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 007

As we were leaving the center to go back into Cherokee, a herd of Elk showed up;  Here are some pictures:

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 018

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 021

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 024

Smoky Mt Visitor Center 025

After leaving the visitor center, we saw an entrance to the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We took a short drive, and got these pictures:

Blue Ridge Parkway Drive 001

Blue Ridge Parkway Drive 002

Blue Ridge Parkway Drive 005

Blue Ridge Parkway Drive 010

Blue Ridge Parkway Drive 011

Blue Ridge Parkway Drive 017

Blue Ridge Parkway Drive 018

Blue Ridge Parkway Drive 020

We enjoyed the fall color, even though it was cloudy and late in the day.

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