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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tellico Plains and the KOA

We drove to Dayton, TN on Friday and spent the night on a Wal-Mart parking lot.  We fueled up at Wal-Mart's gas station, and shopped at the store for a weeks supply since Tellico Plains, TN is a small town.  On Friday night, we ate at a Mexican food restaurant called “Ayala’s”, and we shared a fajita plate for two.  It was really good.

This morning, we drove to the Walgreen’s in Athens, TN to pick up some photos that I had sent in via the internet, and then on to Tellico Plains.  We arrived about 1:30pm, got the Bus set up at a site, and then took a drive around town.

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 014

Here is the Bus on our site for the weekend.  We have to move to our permanent site on Monday.  We had only previously reserved for Mon – Fri, and our regular site was not available for Sat & Sun.  Our regular site is #4, and we are assigned #3 for the rally.

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 002

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 003

As we left the campground to drive around, a Tiffin Zephyr was registering at the office:

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 005

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 001

Just outside the campground, we saw a couple of interesting sights….. an old truck for sale and a unique topiary used as a mailbox:

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 007

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 006

If anybody is interested, the truck was for sale for $6800, and appeared to need a lot of work!

We eventually saw another topiary at the local library……. Patsy said it was an “inch worm”:

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 016

The area’s visitor center and a museum were located next to the library;

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 018 

As were were driving in the area, we saw a bridge over a river.  It turned out to be the entrance to a gated community along the other side of the river,,,,,,,, and it had a lock gate on it.

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 008

The following is the only picture of the homes across the bridge because of the traffic on the narrow highway along the river:

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 009

The KOA advertisement notes that it is built near an apple orchard.  Here is a picture of the home on the orchard, and a part of the orchard:

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 020

In our Fall Creek Falls SP posting, we mentioned a couple who offered us a ride after our ‘trail adventure’.  The guy asked us where we were headed, and we told him Tellico Plains.  He told us the the best place to eat was to get a foot-long hot dog at the “Tellico Beach Drive In”, and on our drive, we saw it.  It was on the river road, and the beach was a little patch of sand along the river:

Arrival at Tellico Plains KOA 027

We stopped and got a couple of foot-longs to take back to the Bus.  They came with mustard, chili, and slaw.  We opted to leave the slaw off!!

On Sunday, Patsy’s cousin, Linda Hearne and her husband, George, are driving up from Chattanooga (about 70 miles away) to visit.  We were planning on grilling something, but we may just make a big pot of Texas chili with some cornbread instead.  We will probably drive along the “Cherohala Skyway”, a National Scenic Byway

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