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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wax-On / Wax-Off

We have now been home for two weeks, and we plan to hit the road again this Wednesday, 05Mar08. We will be heading to Perry, GA with Mark and Sue Didelot from Lake Charles, LA to attend THE RALLY, an RV event that will last from 14Mar to 17Mar. There will be seminars and vendor booths that will be RV and travel related, as well as a lot of dealers with rigs available for touring.

We intend to travel to Perry via Sherman, MS, where we purchased our Bus at the Sherman RV dealer, and Red Bay, AL, where the factory where our Bus was built is located. These two locations are only about 70 miles apart. We want to get some warranty work done, and give Mark and Sue a tour of the Red Bay factories. We plan to arrive at Sherman on Thursday afternoon

We had to come to Victoria for two primary reasons: Patsy had to have a couple of dental implants started, and we had to get our Federal Income Taxes done for 2007. We acted on shares of stock, and several years of stock options that I accumulated as performance compensation pay over several years. The tax returns were too complicated for me to stumble through, and I had to get professional help. The taxes are done and in the mail, and Patsy’s surgery is done, with a follow-up visit on 05Mar. We plan to hit the road right after that visit!!

While we were home, we also polished and waxed both the Bus and our Honda CRV that we tow behind the Bus, did spring cleaning of our yard, including pulling weeds and adding red mulch to all the flower beds, mowing the lawn and making a modification to some cabinets in the Bus.

After cleaning up the Bus, we drove around town to find a background to take a good photograph of the Bus to use on this Blog, and to use on the backside of our RV ‘business’ card. Here are the finalist (the first was taken in our driveway):

The modification was to the cabinets beneath the dinette. We heard about it while visiting other Tiffin owners in Quartzsite, AZ. Tiffin puts a sub woofer on the floor of the cabinet that essentially consumes all of the space. Others have fastened it to a side wall of the cabinet. I looked at it and decided that I could stand it on it’s side and elevate it ‘up’ and between the supports of the dinette table, as well as add a shelf for storage underneath it. I also swapped the doors so that they opened from the outer edge instead of from the center of the two doors. With the doors opening from the center, it was difficult with the doors being under the table.
Here is a before picture (with the doors off) showing the woofer on the floor:

Here’s a picture of the ‘unfinished’ shelf in place without the woofer installed:

Here’s the ‘after’ picture with the doors off. Note the storage space under the shelf and on each side of the woofer:

The following two pictures show the doors closed with the ‘pulls’ on the outer edges, and then a picture with one of the doors open:

More when we "hit the road"!

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