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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Service at Red Bay -- Wed/Thur/Fri

At 7:00AM on Wednesday, we drove into Bay 3 at the service center. The technicians in the bay did a good job, and knocked out our list............ almost. Both of our TV's were having color problems. They found a bad connection on one of the color 'guns' on the rear TV, and replaced it. When they worked on the front TV, it appeared that the problem was a loose connection of the blue 'gun' on the back of the TV. They pushed it in to the recepacle real well, and left it alone. Here's a typical scene at the table that we occupied with some of our friends while we were in service:

We left the bay at about 3:00PM, and when I turned the satellite reciever on, the rear TV was working well, but the front TV immediately started having problems....... and did all evening until we turned it off at 11:00PM. I immediately contacted the service manager, and he committed to have it looked at early on Thursday morning at our site.

Early Thursday morning, I turned the front TV on, and it was working well!!!! We left it on all day, and it never had bad color. We spent the day puttering around on the TV, and buying stuff at the service center for the Bus.......... two lights for the cabinet at the foot of the bed, windshield wiper replacements, spare light bulbs, and door knobs. I also removed the dirty clothes hamper in the bedroom, and removed the hamper portion from the front, so that I could turned the front into a door. I took the door to the carpenter shop and had them put hinges on it. A good part of Thursday was spent trying to find a 12v power source to hook up new lights with a switch in the bedroom. We have it figured out, but will wait until we get home to do the job.

We also made an appointment for Friday morning to have our brakes on the Bus checked out by Bay Diesel (the shop that Tiffin uses) while we were here.

On Friday morning at about 7:00AM, I turned on the front TV and it was not working correctly, so I went to the service center to get someone out to look at it. I told them that I had a 10:30AM appointment at Bay Diesel and requested that they come early. When nobody arrived by 9:00AM, I went back to the service center, and made my request again!! This time, somebody came out and told me to come to the service center when we got back. Here's a picture of the Bus in the service bay:

The brakes checked out OK, and we returned to the service center. After several more mixed communications, we got a crew on the TV, and got it taken out and sent to a repair facility to get fixed. It turned out that there was a poor solder job on the connection on the TV side of the cabling.

By 3:00PM, we had everything fixed, and checked out of the service center. Patsy and I then made a quick run into Tupelo to get anit-freeze for the Honda leak, and did some shopping while there. As we were returning, we got a phone call that Chris Berry, one of the former Techs that does upgrade work, was at the campgound and was ready to install a pull-out drawer for Patsy under the range. We gave him permission to enter the coach with one of our friends and install it while we were driving back to the park. When we got there, he was finished. Here's what it looked like, and Patsy was very pleased with it.

Tomorrow, we plan to visit the Shiloh Battleground National Park with several people for the campgound.

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