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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Waiting at Red Bay – Fri/Sat

Friday was a slow and restful day at Red Bay. Patsy spent the morning doing a good cleaning on the inside of the Bus. I worked on cleaning out the car, and straightening up the basement of the Bus.

I also starting working on my list of repairs, since the parts are easily available here at the service center. I found that the rear Heat Pump would not work, because a breaker had tripped, so now it works! I also replaced the broken screen door latch on the entry door with the new style ‘rubber’ latch. I took the water spray head apart to troubleshoot the ‘low water flow’ problem with the water hose in the disposal compartment. For Mark, who broke my latch in the first place!!!!!!, here's the new latch:

When the sun went to the rear of the Bus, Patsy and I washed the bugs off the front of the Bus, including the windshield. Here's a couple of pictures showing our location in the campground, close to the office and WIFI, as well as a close up of our clean Bus with the "Sue Didelot" commissioned RV sign:

Friday night, everybody decided that we would eat in, since we had a planned caravan to Florence, AL on Saturday. After dinner, I worked on my computer while Patsy and the others went to Lorraine and Chuck’s Bus and dyed Easter eggs.

On Saturday, we piled into Chucks Saturn SUV, along with a Wayne Stamper and Marynelle Davis, and headed to Florence with Sandy and Steve, along with their dogs followed behind. We got off a little after 10:00AM, and using Chuck’s GPS, we found a shorter route to get there.
We managed to hit the biggies……… Wal-Mart, Target, Office Depot, Home Depot, Linen’s & Thing’s, and K-Mart. We also stopped at a Honda dealer to get me a gallon of radiator coolant (our radiator has developed a leak), but we were about 10 minutes late because the service area closed at 12:30PM and nobody in Sales had a key!!!

We also ate a late lunch at Rosie’s Mexican Restaurant (similar to a Papasito’s), and it was very good. Here are some pictures of the four couples at the restarant:

Marynelle Davis & Wayne Stamper:

Sandy and Steve Allgire:

Lorraine and Chuck North:

..... and Patsy and I:

We got back to the campground in Red Bay about 6:00PM, and just relaxed the rest of the night.

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