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Sunday, March 16, 2008

THE RALLY in Perry, GA – Fri/Sat/Sun

Warning: This post will be long. It covers three (3) busy days!!

We spent the bulk of Friday in seminars. Patsy and I attended a class on keeping our Bus clean and shiny, and Patsy went to a class on convection microwave cooking. Patsy and Sue also attended a class on maximizing their wardrobe in the minimal room of an RV, and a class on “The RV’ers Kitchen with Vickie Kieva", the wife half of a full timing couple who have written several RV books. While they did that, Mark and I went to see the new RV’s on exhibit. He and I also attended an impromptu meeting of Tiffin owners at a dealer’s site that is on the grounds.

On Friday night, we went to a performance that was supposed to feature Frankie Valli, but he had to cancel, so they brought in Bobby Vinton. He really put on a good show. Not only did he and his group perform well, but Bobby went into the audience and mingled while he performed. He also performed extra songs. He was very energetic, and truly wanted to entertain us. Here are a couple of his pictures:

Saturday morning started out as a big disappointment for Mark and I. There was an event scheduled for 8:00AM listed as “Hospitality”. In other rallies, this has always been “DONUTS”! We hurried over there, only to be disappointed when we found ‘little bitty muffins’ all over the tables ...... Bummer!!! Here is a picture:

When we registered for the rally, we were all given a number to display somewhere on ourselves. The challenge was to find a person with a matching four digit number. One day, I found Patsy’s on a guy walking out of the seminar building. It turned out that he was in the motorhome parked right next to us. Sue found her match on Saturday. Mark and I never found ours…….. even though there was supposed to be four people at the rally with each number! Saturday was the day to show up at a booth with your ‘match’, and get a prize. Sue and Patsy went, and returned with a baseball cap!!! Some prize!!! However, there names were entered in a drawing for bigger prizes, but neither won.

The remainder of Saturday, we attended a couple of seminars, and did a lot of walking through the auditorium where the exhibitors were selling RV-related products. Patsy and I purchased a wide washing brush with a long handle on it as well as some microfiber towels, both to dry the Bus and to get bugs off the front. I got my Road Master tow bar cleaned and inspected for free by the manufacturer and I purchased some new cables to replace the ones that are 13 years old. I also got to see the new “SeeLevel” tank level system and talked to the manufacturer’s representative about a self installation. It is a very good system.

On Saturday night, they had the Michael Andrew Big Band on hand for the evening entertainment. They had asked as many people as possible to dress up in their Prom clothes, and participate in an effort to break the record for the maximum number of people on the dance floor dancing the same dance. The current record holder was some group from Venezuela that had just short of 500 couples on the floor. Saturday night, The Rally put 1178 couples on the floor to break the record. They were watched by officials, and people had to be dancing a specific dance. Patsy and I did not participate, but Mark and Sue did.
Here are some pictures with the first being the Didelots in our Bus before the dance holding the prom picture from their high school days followed by a picture of them dancing in the contest, and then a couple showing the numbers of people on the floor:
Sunday morning started out with a lot more promise. The Coast to Coast resort organization was sponsoring a ‘casino day’, and one of the events was a series of Texas Hold’em tournaments. Patsy and I slept in, and then she made sausage, ham, and cheese omelets. We headed to the seminars and the ‘casino’. I went to the first seminar which covered ‘exhaust braking systems’, but then I found the casino. I went in at 10:00AM and did not come out until 3:00PM when the last Texas Hold’em tournament ended. I did not win either one that I entered, but I had a good time playing poker!!

All four of us then went to a seminar on taking an RV trip down to the bottom of the Baja Peninsula. It just reinforced the fact that we wanted to do this trip.

After the seminar, we went to the entertainment hall and stood in line for the night’s entertainment……….. Ricky Skaggs and his band! We waited in line for over an hour, but we were some of the first in the hall, and we got seats right in front of the stage. Patsy made some chicken salad, and packed a picnic lunch that we ate before the show: Here are some pictures:

The couple in the white tee shirts right behind Patsy and I are Bill and Bonnie from Gatlinburg, TN. They stood in line with us, and Bill fit right in with Mark and I in harassing each other. He must have really enjoyed it or smelled Patsy’s food, because they followed Mark and I to our seats!!!

A side story………. Patsy had baked some fresh cookies for our ‘picnic’. While we were eating them, Bill and I spotted a young girl sitting across the isle just staring at my cookies. Bill, since they weren’t his cookies, started harassing me about sharing. I really did not want to give up my freshly baked chocolate cookies, but Patsy overheard him, and walked over to the mother and asked if she could have one. I was confident that she would not take food from a stranger at a concert for her child………. But she did!!!!

I took her picture and told her it was going to be on my blog. She did not seem to care, and then started showing off my cookie!!! However, I got my revenge when she fell asleep during the performance. Note that her mother caught me focusing the picture! Here’s the cute little cookie rustler………………..

Here are some shots of Ricky Skaggs and his band:

I will close this post with a couple of general area shots of the fairgrounds:

On Monday, we plan to attend the Good Sam Day, which is some kind of carnival event, and then Mark and I will attend an Onan seminar on maintenance of generators. At about 3:00PM, we plan to be on the road back to Red Bay. The next post will be from Red Bay.


Greg said...

Richard -
Great post!!!! -- good to see all the activity and events happening at Perry. I just got finished installing the SeeLevel gauges on our rig last week, and it works great. Email me if you want any additional information on installation or use.
Greg and Mandy

Al & Barb said...

Sorry I missed you in Victoria. Barb said she saw Patsy at the hospital checking out the new baby.
Be safe, later...