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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Waiting at Red Bay – Mon/Tue

Monday was another slow day at Red Bay. We had hoped that we would get in for service, but it did not happen. We did spend some time in the customer lounge with other owners and helped some of them make or modify “RV” business cards.

In the afternoon, we took the Bus out and road tested it to see if we could make one of our mechanical problems re-appear. When we got back, I was hooking up our utilities, and I pulled a little too hard on the water line, and it broke in half. For a while, we had a geyser at the site!!! Patsy took a couple of pictures while I ran to the office to get help.

Tuesday started slow, but the pace picked up as the day went on. Brannon called to say that he was out at his new shop and invited me to come out to see it. It is on highway 19, about 5 ½ miles from the Red Bay light near the McDonalds. It is next to the volunteer fire department building at Vina, AL. Here are some pictures:

Later, we went to the house where Brannon does his work, and he installed the See Level tank level system on our Bus. I really like the new system. Here picture of the final install on the panel. It has a nice, clean OEM look:

Wednesday, we are scheduled to go into the service bay.

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Greg said...

Great geyser!!!

Greg and Mandy