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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Red Bay Campground -- Sun, Mon & Tues

Sunday was a slow day at the campground. We walked around the campground, and met few people. Mostly, we did laundry and I caught up on email and other computer stuff. For dinner, Sue made a fish and rice meal.

First thing on Monday, I went to the service center, and made sure we were in line. When I told the service manager my name, he 'Oh yeah, I remember Benny calling about your TV!', and then told me a tech would be there in 10 minutes. I thought that we too smooth, but sure enough, the tech showed up in about 20 minutes, but neither TV was acting up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, the back TV had never worked right that we recalled! The tech said he couldn't fix what wasn't broke, and left........ telling me to come get him if it quit working.

About 15 minutes later, the back TV went bad. I went to get him, and it took him close to 45 minutes to get back. He worked, with Mark's assistance (or interference..... depending on whether you were Mark or the tech) until about 12:30, and never fixed anything. He said that they would have to get the Triple 'H' people (the company that supplied the system) to look at it, but they were all in Tucson, AZ at an Allegro Rally, and would not be back until Monday. We made arrangements to go to the Perry Rally, and then come back here on next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Without any techs to wait on, we took Mark & Sue and Steve & Sandy to the Paint shop in Belmont, MS to tour it. That took about an hour and a half. It is also where the floors are pre-made. Here are some pictures:

After the paint shop, the six of us went to the fabric shop. That was a good trip. Mark and Sue were about to get swatches of cloth for the three colors in the 2009 Phaetons, and they got to see the new shades that will be put in the Phaetons.

We then returned to the campgound. Mark, Steve and I began to hit the hardware stores to collect supplies to "plumb" up Steve's Phaeton for a WAVE heater.

On Sunday, Chuck and Lorraine North, Allegro Bus owners, that we had met in Quartzsite when they camped with the RVAmerica group called to tell us that they had seen in our blog that we were here, and that they were a day away, and were also coming for service. When the three of us returned with our plumbing parts, Chuck and Lorraine had already arrived. We went to their Bus, and we decided to go out to eat Chinese food...... one of two choices of restaurants in Red Bay on a Monday night!! Steve offered to buy, since Mark and I were going to help him plumb his rig on Tuesday.

The Chinese Restaurant was pretty good, and I was pleasantly surprised. Here are some restaurant photos:

First thing Tuesday morning, Mark, Steve and I began on Steve's rig. Every rig seems to be different. I had expected to do Steve's rig like I did my Bus, but he had a different range, and we ended up routing it differently. The finished job turned out great. It is probably the best installation that we have done.

This evening about 5:00pm, we intend to leave Red Bay and start the 370 mile drive to Perry. Our entry time is 7:00AM -- 12:00noon on Thursaday, and we want to get there by Wednesday evening so we can take on water, and check out the area. Here is our campsite in Red Bay:


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