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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter at Red Bay – Sunday

It was a fairly quiet Sunday at Red Bay. Patsy and I watched our favorite Sunday Morning Show on CBS, and then she began to bake a cake for our Easter get-together in the RV park. The same four couples that went to Florence on Saturday decided to get together for an Easter dinner.

It was decided that it would be held in our Bus since everyone else had been in and out of service all week, and their rigs were somewhat a mess. The Allgire’s brought their portable table and chairs, and others brought a ham, a baked potato casserole, sweet potatoes, green beans, desserts and wine & tea. It was a good meal, especially since a couple of the wives are still learning to use their convection ovens!! I am adding a few pictures........

Here are Lorraine and Chuck enjoying themselves while Wayne "hits the bottle again"!:

Here are the choice of beverages:

Chuck trying to get me to drink instead of taking pictures..........

Chuck being useful and taking the ham out of the oven to cut it (Notice Wayne hitting the bottle again!!!):

Our snack table..................
Steve telling Sandy another lie, while Marynelle sits and thinks.... "Yeah, sure!!!":

We even fed the campground hosts....... Marsha and Rod. Here's the brains of the team picking up the food:
Here's Sandy showing off her dessert treats......... (and they were good!!!):
And here's my favorite person with my dessert plate:

.................and finally, here is what I am left to run with since Mark left and went back to Lake Charles:


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