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Saturday, March 8, 2008

On the Way to Perry with the Didelots

Note: This post is a little long………. It covers three days (Wed – Fri) of travel!!

We began Wednesday morning with Patsy’s checkup appointment with her dental surgeon to verify that her ‘post’ surgery for the implants was healing OK. The appointment was at 10:00AM and by 10:30AM; we were on the road with Patsy getting a clean bill of health.

On the way, we stopped at the Walmart in Rockdale to take on diesel fuel, and I started a conversation with a truck driver at the next pump. He was driving a “Taylor Meat Company” truck from Taylor, Texas. As we were leaving, he knocked on the door, and gave us two packages of Summer Sausage! After paying for $304 worth of fuel, it was a nice premium! I got a picture of him leaving:

The plan was that we would drive to a Wal-Mart about 90 miles north of Jackson, MS on I-55. Mark and Sue left Lake Charles, LA early Wednesday morning, and planned to drive to the same Wal-Mart. They arrived there about 5:00PM, while our drive was about 700 miles……….. And we did not arrive until 12:30AM on Thursday. It was a long day, reminiscent of our ‘work’ days when we would go to Canada on a 2 week vacation. The Bus drove well, and we ate while we drove, so we made good time, but it was still a tough drive!!

We had an appointment at Sherman RV in Sherman, MS to get some warranty work done on the Bus, and some paint repairs on the back cap that I damaged the first night that we got the Bus at home!! We had planned to get to Sherman on Friday morning, but when I called to confirm the appointment, they said the earlier, the better. That is why we drove so hard………… the Wal-Mart put us only 97 miles from Sherman.

When we got to the Wal-Mart, we parked in front of Mark and Sue’s fifth wheel, and went to bed. They were already asleep! We all got up and hit the road by 8:00AM Thursday, and arrived at Sherman at 10:00AM. Here’s a shot of our rigs at Wal-Mart with Mark posing by the Bus:

I pleasantly surprised when we got there, and the painter walked out and asked us if we were the folks that needed the back cap painted. He said he was ready to get started, so we unhooked the car, and immediately pulled into the spot, and he went to work. I then met with the Service Manager, Benny Johnson, and went over a list that I had previously sent to him. Benny was also ready and already had some parts from the factory.

With all the work going on, we really were in the way, so we got into the car, and drove the 65 miles to Red Bay. We ate lunch at Jack’s, a hamburger place, and then visited the campground to see some folks that were there, and to show the campground to Mark and Sue.

At 2:00PM, we all drove over to the factory, and took the standard tour of the facility. While in the factory, we went to meet with Jerry Williamson, the National Sales Manager, so that Mark and Sue could get some information about changes in the new 2009 motor homes. Mark and Sue are looking at a new motor home, but they have gotten caught up in the changeover of ‘year’ models and they have had trouble getting good information. Jerry was very helpful, and answered most of their questions.

After the factory visit, we called a couple, Steve and Sandy Allgire, who we had met at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande, AZ last month and were camped at the campground waiting to get in for warranty work. We called them and made plans to go to dinner with them at Swamp John’s Restaurant for the famous Thursday night fish dinner.

We finally got back to Sherman RV Center about 8:00PM, and went to bed very tired with so little sleep on Wednesday night.

We got up before 7:00AM Friday morning to be sure that we were ready for the RV Techs to start on the Bus again today. We were so tired last night when we got back to the Bus that I didn’t even look at the status of the paint work. While talking to Benny, he told me that the painter got it finished on Thursday, and only had to buff it out. The buffing might have been done quicker, if Mark had not continually interrupted the guy to ask questions:

The rest of the repairs went well also. By 3:00PM, all the items on my list, except one that we added this morning, were complete. At about the same time, it started sleeting and snowing.

We didn’t do much on Friday, but we got a lot done at the RV dealership. This is my third RV, and I have never gotten so much of my list of warranty work done on a single visit to the dealer. I was very pleased. The only item that they could not get fixed was the color on the TV’s when we are on the satellite receiver……….. and on that item, Benny has arranged for me to get into the Red Bay Service area on Monday or Tuesday. We are headed to the Red Bay campground anyway, with a plan to leave for Perry on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, so that is not a problem.

We ate dinner in the Didelot’s rig, and here is a picture of Sue cooking, and another of Mark reading (looking at the pictures) in a Tiffin magazine. He is also modeling our new baseball caps courtesy of Karen at Sherman RV:

While we were having dinner, Mark asked us if we had brought our “Prom” pictures from high school. The rally at Perry is having a dance event where people are supposed to dress up in their Prom Night clothes and bring pictures from their prom night in high school. I am not into that kind of thing, so we did not. Mark did, and he showed it to us. Want some entertainment………… look at Mark and Sue in the 1960’s!!!
When we went to bed, it was snowing in Sherman, MS!

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