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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Going Home -- Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Mark and I had talked about leaving El Paso around 6:00am on Friday morning, and I happened to wake up at 6:02am, so I got up and got ready to leave. Seeing no activity in his rig, I called him at 6:20am and woke him up……….. sweet revenge for all the early ‘wake up’ calls that he gave me during the trip.

We were on the road by 6:45am and made good time. We stopped at a McDonalds in Van Horn for breakfast. Then we drove continuously until we got to the last rest area before our Hwy 290 turnoff to head to Austin via Fredericksburg. We all stopped, and Patsy made a quick fairwell lunch. We agreed that we had a good trip, and all are looking forward to early March, when we plan to head to Perry, GA for "THE RALLY". We said our goodbyes, and Mark & Sue took off for Lake Charles.

Patsy and I stayed at the rest area while I used the free WIFI, and she picked up the Bus and rested. It was after 6:00pm when we finally left, and headed to Fredericksburg. It was raining, and it took us a while to get to Fredericksburg. When we finally arrived, we dropped by the motorhome of Bob and Linda to give them a ball cap that a mutual friend, John Randall had left in our Bus during a visit at Casa Grande. Bob and linda plan to meet up with John and his wife, Judy, later in March.

We finally got to Austin about midnight, and attempted to drive the Bus with toad around the downtown University area to find the wedding site. After finding ourselves in several neighborhnood with low hanging tree branches over the streets and narrow streets with parked cars, we gave up and headed south to find a Walmart to spend the night.

We got up Saturday morning, and checked into McKinney Falls Texas State Park, which is located just south of Austin. After unhooking the car, and parking the Bus in the campsite, we took the car into Austin to find the wedding site.

We easily found the wedding site in the daylight and with the car, and after checking out parking, we returned to the Bus. As we entered the park, we saw a large wild turkey walking around the gate area:

We mainly rested and got dressed for the wedding, and headed to the wedding site at about 3:00pm to make sure we could find parking, and avoid heavy traffic. The wedding was for the son of Patsy's cousin, Linda Hearne. We had visited Linda and her husband, George, in Dalton, GA last year.

The wedding was nice. For family, here are a few pictures. The first is Linda, with her parents, Uncle Elroy and Aunt Ann along with Linda's grandsons Pierce, and the new baby boy:

The following picture shows George with his sons, Brandt on the right, and Barry, the groom, on the left (Barry was one of the happiest grooms that I have seen!!):

After the wedding, we went back to the Bus, and slept well. On Sunday, we were slow to get up and move. It was only 120miles to our home in Victoria, but we did not arrive until 3:00pm. I did stop in Lockhart, TX to pick up some bar-b-que. I think they have the best in Texas!!

Now, we have to clean up the Bus, work in our yard at home, complete our income tax return, and a lot of other chores before we hit the road again in about 3 weeks. We will be going to Perry, GA with our friends Mark and Sue.


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