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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Phoenix Cummins Service Center - Tuesday

This is where we spent Tuesday, and the east end of the parking lot was our campground last night:

The evening shift Technician worked on our Bus last night. He was required to work through a standard diagnostic procedure. Eventually, it told him to take the valve cover off and look for the short. That is what I told them when we got here. The wire was worn in two places………. Almost in two pieces at one place. It is a 12 inch piece of 12 or 14 gauge wire with a connection on each end. Due to Cummins rules, they could not cut and repair the wire, and they did not have a made-up part in stock.

We ended up with them putting a couple of bolts back in the valve cover, and we drove it out in the parking lot to “our 50amp plug”, and spent the night. The part was overnighted from Memphis, TN and arrived here about 11:00am this morning. Contrary to the report on the forum that I furnished, the Technician here said that it was not too short, but routed poorly. When they were going to assign a ‘day-shift’ technician to install it, I asked if he knew where to route it. That led to a decision for us to wait until 3:30pm when last nights guy came in, and let him install it. I was in full agreement. I would rather wait 4 hours and get it done as well as possible.

We talked to Mark and Sue, and they said it was really cold last night in Bisbee. They are going to leave today and get a campsite near Tombstone, and we hope to meet them there tomorrow. If we get to leave tonight, we will drive to a point about 45 minutes from Tombstone, and spend the night.

Here are some pictures of the repair. The first is the "work area" in the bedroom floor or the access to the engine. He had to pull the valve cover off, and he did a good job of protecting the carpeting:

Here's the piece of wire that caused the problem. You can see the worst worn spot in this photo:

There are two Jake brake solenoids under the valve cover. One on the front three cylinders and one on the rear three cylinders. The bad one was on the rear. Here's the front wire still installed to show where it connects; the second picture shows where the failed wire would be installed at the top of the picture:

While we waited today, Patsy and I went shopping at a Traders Joe's store, and to a Walmart. On the way, we saw a neighborhood with some shaped orange trees:

It is about 5:00pm as I am writing this. If it does not get edited by me later, it means that the repair was completed by 6:30pm and we are on the road. The next update may not be until I meet Mark in Casa Grande on Friday night. I have the internet system in my basement, but I don't know how to set it up.......... So, I need Mark, a little!! I am now using the system at the Cummins Service Center.

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