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Friday, February 8, 2008

Nogales -- Wednesday

Patsy and I left the Cummins Service Center on Tuesday night, and headed toward Tombstone. We called Mark and Sue, who were 'freezing' in Bisbee, AZ, and made arrangements to meet at a campground near Tombstone on Wednesday morning. We did meet.......... we arrived at the gate at almost the same time, with me just a little bit earlier, as always!!

We got 50amp sites that were side by side, and then made our plans for touring. The campground was really nice........ even though it was in the desert. Very well layed out with large sites and clean. We decided to head to Nogales and cross the border for lunch. It was only about a 55 mile drive. When we got to Nogales, TX, we stopped at the tourist bureau for information, and the lady behind the counter told us about a good place to eat in Nogales, MX, so we went there. It was the La Rocha Restaurant, and it was built against a rock and partially carved into the side of the rock. She also gave us coupons for free margaritas, as you can tell by looking at Sue in the second picture!!

Here are some photos at the restaurant (the woman on the left was just coming out of the restaurant and got into my picture):

The following are photos from the Nogales, MX market area. The first is a picture of Mark and the second picture is a donkey...... in case of mistaken identity:

We looked for a stained glass piece so we could cover the kitchen sink window in the Bus, but we could not find anything close to what we wanted. We left Mexico about 4:00pm, and got back across without any problem....... I guess because we did not have Mandy with us!!!!

We went back to the campgound and rest.

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