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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Rally Is Over For Us -- Thursday

Thursday morning, Patsy and Sue went to a seminar, while Mark and I starting breaking camp and getting ready to hit the road. About 10:30, we hit the road after stopping down the road at Eloy, AZ at a Flying ‘J’ truck stop for fuel.

When we entered New Mexico, Patsy was driving, and I was playing with some mapping software that Mark had loaded on my computer. I found an Outback Steakhouse in El Paso, and I called and asked about reservations since it was Valentines Day. They did not accept reservations, but they did accept ‘call aheads’. They explained to me that a 'call ahead' would not get you a table right when you showed up, but it would moved you up the list. It was 4:30pm, and we had just entered New Mexico, show I got a ‘call ahead’ for 8:30pm.

We got to Texas at about 7:15pm and filled up at the Flying ‘J’ at Anthony, TX, and were about 32 miles from the restaurant. We got there at 8:05pm, and we did get moved up the list, but still waited about 40 minutes while others were waiting an hour and fifteen minutes. So, it worked………… somewhat!!

We had a good Valentine’s Day dinner, and then parked in a nice level lot near a movie theater for the night.

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