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Monday, October 7, 2013

Travel to the FMCA Rally in York, PA

We left Saturday morning at about 9:00AM, and hit the road to Pennsylvania.  After the first 10 miles, it was Interstate highways all the way. 

We completed the trip in 2 1/2 days, and arrived just outside York, PA on Monday afternoon.  We spent the first two nights on Wal-Mart parking lots along the way. 

On Monday night, we opted for a Passport America park, Gettysburg Farm Resort which is associated with the 1000 trails organization.  It will allow us to show up for the FMCA rally at the York Expo Center in the morning with at full tank of fresh water, and empty waste tanks.  The venue will provide us with electricity, but no fresh water or sewer. 

The drive up here was not without entertainment. It began nicely with a nice looking Interstate roadway……..


But soon, we had a hectic drive through the center of Atlanta, GA…….DSC00249

When we entered South Carolina, we stopped at the Welcome Station and found a ‘scenic route’ through a part of the state to get us off the interstate for a while. We found an item being sold along the highways that we noticed all over the Southeast……… boiled peanuts!!!  We even saw them in a boiling pot (self-serve) in the produce of the Red Bay, AL Piggly Wiggly.  Here’s part of the highway and the “peanut wagon”…



There were other sites along the way:

A neatly painted water tower in Georgia………..


The pretty and dramatic mountainous drives through Virginia……….


A “Rolling BBQ Pit”, which is mainly posted for my nephew, John, who welds these things up……..


And  a Redneck in a pickup truck with his rebel flag proudly flying from his 2x4 wood flagpole……….


………. And a nice surprise, we found diesel for $3.36/gal, and with our 17 cents VISA card rebate, it totals out at $3.19/gal vs the $4.00/gal that we see at the truck stops along the highways.

IMG_0018 (2)

On Sunday, during our three days of travel, Patsy had a birthday.  I had read in a TRVN Forum post about Berky’s Restaurant” at a truckstop in Lexington, VA being good, so we gave it try.  The food was very good, and the decorations were neat (Pedal Cars & Toys)……….



We had a meal with the salad bar, and therefore, had most of our entrée left over!!!!!  Here’s Patsy taking the leftovers back to the Bus…….




Tomorrow, we will arrive and set up at the York Expo Center for the rally.

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