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Thursday, October 10, 2013

G.E.A.R. Rally Update #1

The rally officially kicked off on Wednesday afternoon with a presentation and overview of the venue and schedule for first time visitors. 

On Wednesday night, there was an Ice Cream Social and Sock Hop.  We went over expecting to get a ice cream bar on a stick or a small cup, but were pleasantly surprised to see them shoveling all the ice cream that you wanted into a large bowl, and then topping it off with all the toppings that you could put on it.  Many people even went back for second helpings, but we did good to eat our first bowl……… and it was good ice cream!

The Sock Hop was entertaining.  The FMCA band that had been practicing were actually pretty good……..


The entertaining part were the people who dressed up for the sock hop.  We even had a couple of Elvis’……… and he ain’t looking good!!


As is normal with old folks, a lot of the women weren’t afraid to get out and do their stuff……. in this case, it was line dancing:



On Thursday, we went to a couple of seminars on tow bars, Alaska travel, and RV’ing tips.

We also found time to run over to the local Wal-Mart to find a gift for Rachel, our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter in Little Rock.  This past summer, we took Matthew and Aubrey, our Victoria grandkids, to visit Rachel for 10 days, and while we were there, she got attached to a stuffed “Hello Kitty” that belonged to Aubrey, and did not to give it up.

While we were in Alabama, I found Patsy a “Hello Kitty” night shirt as part of her birthday presents for her to wear when we take care of Rachel for a couple of nights in Branson later this month on our way back to Tesas while her parents go to some seminars.  Today, we found a similar “Hello Kitty” night shirt for Rachel to wear while sleeping in the Bus.  Here’s a picture of them……..

IMG_0002 (2)

Now, we have to find something similar for Aubrey when she is traveling with us!!!

There is a musical show tonight at the rally hall, but it is raining so hard, that we are considering skipping out on it!  We’ll see!!

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