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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

FMCA’s G.E.A.R. Rally -- York, PA

We drove the short distance from Dover, PA to the York Expo Fair grounds in York, PA on Tuesday morning, and got set up in our assigned spot.


After getting set up, we drove around to look at all of the RV’s parked here.  They were everywhere……….


On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, we walked over the the UTZ arena, the rally area hall, and got registered and signed up for some seminars and crafts (Patsy)…….


Patsy signed up to make one of the above in Red, White and Blue!!  Below, the vendor’s were setting up their booths which will open on Thursday morning.


Also, in the hall, a group of RV’ers who play as a band and a choir were busy practicing so that they could “entertain” the rest of us in the coming days………



While we were riding around the grounds, we came upon this “economy” RV and the owner was closing the back after removing the golf cart (note that the top comes off for storage)………….


More in the next post………..

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