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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Tour of the Pine Mountain Area State Parks

On Monday, Patsy and I decided to take a drive around the area to tour the FDR State Park, the “Little Whitehouse” State Part, and to see what was in Columbus, GA.

Franklin D. Roosevelt spent a lot of time in the area to take advantage of the warm springs to help him with the polio that took his legs away from him.  At the time, the area was a resort destination, but eventually, FDR bought a lot of the area, and evolved it into a medical facility.

The FDR state park was nice.  Here are some pictures….


At the park office, they had a statue dedicated to the CCC workers who built the state park, and a ‘stuffed’ bear inside the office…….


The park had a varitey of cabins that people could rent for camping, and some nice RV campsites…..



On the way from the FDR state park to the “Little Whitehouse” state park, there was a life sized stature of FDR at Dowdell’s Knob were he spent a lot of time visiting and looking at the view.…….


The structure in the third picture above is a BBQ pit that was used by FDR.  It is now cemented in!!!

We went on to the Little Whitehouse……….


The fee for seniors to the house and a museum was $8,00/each, but it was well worth it.  Here are some pictures from the museum.  It was noted that FDR was sensitive about his decreased capacity caused by polio, and  he had cars with hand controls for driving,,,,,,



After the museum, we walked to the house.  There was a ‘bump’ gate in front of it, with two guard stations on either side……. one for the Marines and one for the Secret Service…….


As can be seen in the last photo, there were guard stations around the entire perimeter of the house.

We had a nice tour of the house, but it was not set up for pictures.  One of the things that we learned during this visit was that FDR died unexpectedly of a massive stroke,  At the time, an artist was in the process of painting his portrait.  The portrait is on display in the state that it was when he died as the “unfinished portrait”.  Below is a picture of the unfinished portrait as well as a picture that was painted by the artist from her memory, notes and pictures…….


After the state parks, we drove to Columbus, GA.  I will cover that trip in the next blog……….

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