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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Trip to Columbus, GA

While searching for things to do and see in the Pine Mountain area, we saw that Columbus had a “Riverwalk”……. which made us think of the area in San Antonio, TX that is very enjoyable to visit.  However, our research showed that the Columbus Riverwalk was just that……….. a river walk!!  We decided that it was only about 40 miles away, we would check it out.

In looking for the river walk area, we found a “visitor’s center”, and got some information about the city.  Our research was correct……. the river walk was a paved walkway along the river.  We did find out about good places for lunch that were very close to the center, so it was not a total loss. 

Although not what we expected, the walk was nicely done.  Here is a picture of Patsy at one of the foot bridges, and a shot across the river of the walkway on the other side….. yes, the walkway is on both sides of the river.  To describe it, it is a nice paved path along the banks of the river!!


We then went to the downtown area for lunch.  We were actually on a part of the Columbus State University and some of the storefronts were university stores!

Here are some sights along the area………….


You will notice in the last picture that the water is “pink”.  At first, we thought it had something to do with the local university.  After we got back to the Bus, we saw on the news that it was to support October being ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. 

When we parked, there was a large pile of trash on the sidewalk in front of our car.  After lunch, we saw the garbage truck picking it up.  What was different was the the driver of the truck was an armed prison guard and the two young guys picking it up were wearing vest with the words “state prisoner’ on it!!


We got onto I-185 to go back to Pine Mountain, but somehow, we got on it going in the wrong direction.  The road took us right into Fort Benning, GA.  We had to turn around, but the overpass at the interchange was really something!!……..


More later…….. but more frequently.  It took three posts to cover one day!!!

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