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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Touring the PA Amish Country – Post #3 & Final

Including the FMCA rally in York, we have been in the Lancaster area for 11 days.  Tomorrow, we head for Pittsburg, hopefully to pick up and install our missing leveler jack at Dan Frohlich’s Auto Shop and to visit our old neighbors, Dick and Donna Mae Goldberg. 

While in the PA Amish area, one of our goals was to buy a rocking chair and quilt for our granddaughter, Rachel, in Little Rock.  As we stated before, in about 9 days, we will be taking care of her while her parents attend a conference in Branson, MO.  We will surprise her with the gifts at that time.

We got the quilt yesterday.  We argued over which color, and ended up with the one on the left…….


I wanted the one on the right, but Patsy and our daughter chose (by iPhone picture0 The other one!!

The rocker is already plastic wrapped for the trip to Branson in the back seat of the CRV, but it looks like a smaller version of the one shown below….


On Tuesday, we spent some more time with our friends, Chuck and Loraine North.  They were with us when we got the quilt, and then we stopped at several other stores for the ladies to shop.  We closed the night with a meal at Yoder’s Restaurant…………


It was probably the worst meal that I have ever had in any Amish country….. and no, it was not because Chuck was there!!!!!!  They were planning on leaving the area on Wednesday morning, and heading toward the Tiffin factory service center in Red Bay, AL. We won’t be seeing them again until we meet up in the desert of Quartzsite, AZ in late January 2014.

While we were shopping for the rocker today, Patsy posed for me outside of a furniture store which also sold a lot of crafts…….

IMG_0020 (2)

At another farmer’s market store, we each saw a sign that we liked.  The first is mine, and the second is Patsy’s……….

IMG_0023 (2)IMG_0025 (2)

As we were crossing the Amish area, we found one of Rick’s (our son) favorite restaurants, GOOD N’ PLENTY, from our visit here about 30 years ago.  We remembered him saying “It was GOOD, and there was PLENTY of it!!”…….

IMG_0022 (2)

While were were driving around all day, we made a few visits back to the Bus to move clothes from the Washer to the Dryer, and to fill the Washer again.  We are getting ready for a week on the road.  Here is the entrance to the campground, and some ‘art’ to show the high level of class……..

IMG_0028 (2)IMG_0029 (2)IMG_0040

This campground has been a great location for touring the area.

The following are pictures of the farms and trees in the area.  They are well-kept, and peaceful…..

IMG_0027 (2)IMG_0080IMG_0107IMG_0121

We hope to see more leaf color as we head west into Pittsburgh and Ohio.


As the day came to an end, we spotted a hot air balloon, and tried to chase it to a landing.  However, he just teased us…….. every time we thought he was sitting it down, he fired it up and went higher.  We think he was giving somebody the grand area tour!!…


That’s a wrap for Lancaster.  I looked and asked around, but I could not find “Levi”, the Amish Mafia guy!!!

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