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Saturday, October 12, 2013

G.E.A.R. Rally Update #2

This post will cover the events of the last two days.  Patsy has completed the two craft projects that she signed up to do.  The first was a red, white and blue whirly thing that turned out pretty nice…………….

IMG_0001 (3)

Today, she did some “screen painting”………. a snowman…..

IMG_0022 (2)

…….. and here is the finished project:

IMG_0002 (4)

With her confidence up, she also purchased a screen to paint a scarecrow for Halloween!

Because Tropical Storm Karen made it’s way up the East coast, we had three days of monsoon-type rains……. similar to what happens in Texas with a tropical storm or a nearby hurricane!  We managed to get to the few seminars that we were interested in, but we decided that the first night of entertainment on Thursday was not for us…….. raining too hard in our opinion to make a run for the rally building. 

The local area has had over 10” of rain in the three days which has set daily records in most towns around York in the past couple of days.  There have been flooded roads, overflowing rivers, and large sinkholes.  It was a good time for us to be parked on a paved lot.  Although we saw the same 10” of rain here, we are high and dry.

The entertainment for Thursday night was The Marlins, and we heard that the people that showed up really enjoyed it!!

On Thursday night, the entertainment was Jimmy Fortune, who was accompanied by a young female singer and violinist who’s first name was Sidney, but we don’t remember the last name.  Jimmy played with the Statler Brothers, until they retired, then he went out on his own.  The show was very nice, and we enjoyed it.  Here are some pictures……..

IMG_0007 (2)IMG_0009 (2)

IMG_0013 (2)

On Saturday night, the entertainment was Sarah Michelle Getto, who had been hyped all week!  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be one of the best shows that we have seen.  She mostly played solo, except when accompanied by her dad.  Born blind and with a very severe cleft palate, she finished public school, and has a college degree in music.  She is very talented, and driven.  Her story is worth reading, and if you can ever attend a show with performing, you should.  Here are some pictures from the show:

Waiting for the show.  We had great seats, second row, aisle on the left side of the hall………

IMG_0028 (2)

Sarah Getto………..

IMG_0030 (2)IMG_0034 (2)

Sarah and Dad………..

IMG_0039 (2)

Dad, Mike…………..

IMG_0041 (2)

The hall and stage (note the screen in the front left section showing Sarah’s hands on the piano keyboard)………..

IMG_0046 (2)

A final picture of Sarah…….


Sarah has been booked for the Big FMCA rally in Perry, GA in the Spring of 2014, and we are scheduled to be there.

Also, on Saturday, we had other events.  Our RV’ing friends, Chuck and Lori North arrived in Lebanon, PA where they are staying in a Thousand Trails Campground.  They have been in the Northeast touring the area for the past couple of months and checking out the Fall color.  Chuck called me this morning, and then the drove over to York, PA and joined us at the rally. 

We had lunch at a local Chili’s Restaurant, then we came back to the Bus for a short visit. 

IMG_0024 (2)IMG_0025 (2)

After a short visit, we walked over to the rally hall and toured the vendor area, where Lori and Chuck each made purchases.  Lori bought a new blouse, and Chuck purchased some spare parts for the RV……. Sounds normal, doesn’t it!!!  We then toured some of the new Winnebago and Tiffin coaches that a local dealer had brought to the rally.  The had a Zephyr, Bus, Phaeton, and an Allegro.

About 4:30PM, they had to leave to check on their pooch, and Patsy and I attended a  meeting of the Tiffin Travelers, an FMCA chapter of Tiffin owners.  We ended up joining and will probably attend some some chapter activities with them in the next year.

IMG_0026 (2)

On Sunday, the weather should provide us a sun shining day, and we will be moving from the York Expo Grounds to a campground, Flory’s Cottages and Camping, in Ronks, PA.  We plan to be there through Wednesday night while we tour the Amish area.  Chuck and Lori will be in Lebanon for the same time period, and we will do some sight-seeing together. 

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