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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Quick Trip to Lancaster, PA & The Amish Area

We got finished with our registration and Bus set up, so we decided to take a quick drive over to the Amish area to pick up some information to plan our visit next week, and to try to decide on a campground.

We went to the downtown Lancaster Visitor Center, and then to the remote visitor center near the beginning of the Amish country.  The city has some old buildings that are interesting, but, otherwise, is just a busy city!

We left the second visitor center with a map of the Amish area which we had marked up with all the area campgrounds highlighted.  After stopping at a Subway for lunch, we took off for a tour of the Amish back road areas. 

We noticed a lot of clothes hanging out to dry, but we remembered that the Amish did their laundry on Mondays, and this was Tuesday.  Then, we remembered how rainy that it was while we traveled on Monday!!  So, either the clothes stayed hung up overnight, or they were washed on Tuesday!!  Here are some photos………


Most of the folks hang them very high on a rolling clothes line.

The following are typical scenes while driving the back roads of the Amish country……


Here is a close up picture of ‘tourist’ on a buggy tour of the back roads  shown in one of the above pictures…….


We also saw some beautiful flowers that were very full and healthy looking and wondered what they were called…….. until we saw some for sale.  Typically, the items for sale are set at the side of the road with a small container for you to put the money in!!!


In case you can’t read it, they are called “Cock’s Cones”!

Our investigation of campgrounds was very successful.  We drove past the ones that were more in the center of the areas that we wanted to visit, and then called a couple of them.  This time of year, they are pretty pricey…. between $55 and $65 per night!

After talking to the lady at Flory’s Cottages and Campground, we stopped by and she actually gave us the numbers of 3 sites that would be available next week from Sunday to Thursday, and then, let us drive around and decide which, if any, that we wanted to reserve.  We picked our site, #49, paid our deposit, and then headed back to York for the rally……… knowing exactly where we will end up on Sunday afternoon in an area where the campgrounds are full in the Fall! 

Here is our camp site, and a picture of a little Amish girl on her scooter cutting through the campground on her way home from school……


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