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Monday, October 7, 2013

The TRVN Rally at Pine Mountain, GA -– A Wrap

After touring the Pine Mountain Area on Sunday through Tuesday, the rally got started on Wednesday 

As we walked around the campground, we spotted three more of Sue Didelot’s RV signs in addition to ours.  Here is one of them…..

IMG_0001 (2)

This one was on a holder outside the rig, but the others were like ours…… hanging inside the windshield.  The others were Bretzke and “Leehwhiz” (sorry, only have the forum ID). 

Here are a couple of more shots of the campground after it really filled up with Tiffin coaches……..

IMG_0011 (2)IMG_0012 (2)IMG_0013 (2)

I previously posted a picture of the rally hall………….. here’s a picture of the inside set up for our group…..

IMG_0010 (2)

Here’s the building in use for our nighttime ‘pot luck dinner’……..

IMG_0014 (2)IMG_0015 (2)

and here is a couple of pictures taken during our technical discussion where Larry Beckner did a good job of discussing RV Batteries and their maintenance…….


One day, Patsy and I drove around the town of Pine Mountain, and found the following murals painted on the sides of two buildings.  The unusual thing about the murals was that they were optical illusions.  If you look at the pictures, you will see that in the first, the locomotives appear be headed to you wherever you stand to view it.  In the second, the donkey’s eyes follow you around……….

IMG_0003 (2)IMG_0005 (2)IMG_0006 (2)IMG_0007 (2)IMG_0008 (2)

The first mural was on the side of the art store shown in the third picture.

A part of the rally was a “Tour de’ Coaches”, where people with brand new rigs or have made modifications, open their coaches for people to walk through them.  I was tagged to organize it for this rally, and I got 10 rigs to volunteer…..3 new and 7 with modifications.  It was a good rally.

Although the rally was over on Sunday, we decided to leave on Saturday morning because we are headed to York, PA to attend an FMCA rally, and the extra day for travel would make the trip easier.

More later……

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