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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rachel Arrives at Gulf Shores!!

On Thursday morning, Patsy and I went out to explore the town and buy a small gift for Rachel.  We looked at the following cluster of shops that were next to each other………


The following is a Dollar General --  Beach style!!!


We managed to find a pink T-shirt for Rachel with Blue dolphins on it.  It is in the bag that Patsy is carrying…


We got a call from Deanne when they were about 5 minutes from the hotel, so Patsy and I got ready for the beach, and drove over to the hotel lobby to wait for them.  Within minutes, they arrived, but Rachel was not ready for us………..


That shyness only lasted until they were finished with checking in.  In the room, she got dressed for the beach, and it was off to cross the street to get to the sand and water……..


Her first siting of water, and no fears………………


Building sand castles…………


…….and stomping them down!!


She loved the beach and the water…………


After a couple of hours, we decided to get dinner at a local seafood place with a good reputation, The Shrimp Basket………..



During dinner, she decided that she wanted to sleep overnight in the Bus with Grammie and Pappaw.  At the Bus, we gave her the new Gulf Shores souvenir shirt


The next morning, her mom picked her up at 7:00am, and then Patsy and I pulled out to head for Disney World.  They were going to go to the beach again for about 2 hours, and then make the same trip.

For us, this was another 525 mile day, and we arrived at Fort Wilderness Campground at about 7:30pm……. after losing an hour due to crossing a time zone from Central to Eastern!!!!!  Mike and Deanne pulled up beside us on the highway about 40 miles from the campground……. and headed off to their hotel.

We got checked into the campground, set up on our site, and then was able to wash the bugs off the front of the Bus just before the sun went down.


More later…..

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