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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Days 5 & 6 Disney World–Magic Kingdom Days

Wednesday morning began at the1900 Park Fare restaurant at the Grand Floridian Hotel with a breakfast with several of the Disney Characters.  Some of them Rachel warmed up to and some not so warm!  Here are a few pictures………


When we finished the breakfast activity, we took Rachel on her first ride on the monorail……. or the “monoroll’'” as she called it!


When we got to the Magic Kingdom park, Rachel got ‘greased up’ with sunscreen…………


Now we were ready to meet Tinker Bell at the Town Square Theater.


As we traveled around the park, Rachel was the navigator and controlled the map……….


Later in the day, we had a Fast-Pass for Aladdin’s Flying Carpet ride.  Similar to the Dumbo ride, it had a hydraulic controller that made it go up and down while it was turning around.  Again, she like controlling it……


Thursday morning started with another breakfast with characters…….. including Mary Poppins.  After breakfast, Rachel met Ariel at her Grotto, and Rachel posed very nicely with her……….


A little later, they ran into a white kitty (I don’t remember the characters name) and Rachel had no fear of her!


During lunch at the Crystal Palace on Main Street, Rachel and Deanne got a chance to meet Tigger……….

IMG_1960.JPG - Mike

Another great picture.  To end the day, we rode the steam train around the park again….. more than all around the park.  Rachel loved seeing the whole park go by!  Check out her smiles……..


…..and another great day with Rachel comes to an end!!

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