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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lone Star Allegro Rally -- Jamaica Beach, TX

On April 22, we headed to Jamaica Beach, near Galveston, Texas to host the April rally for the Lone Star Allegro Club at the Jamaica Beach RV Resort.  The other hosts were Marge and Lee Helstrom…………. or “my hired help” as I called them!!  In a weak moment at the March rally , Patsy and I agreed to be the host of this rally.  The Helstrom’s were gracious and volunteered to co-host.

Here is a picture of the two host couples posing with the park mascot……….

The Host Team, King's & Helstorm's

On Thursday night, we organized a dinner for the early arrivals at an Italian restaurant in Galveston…….. Mario's Ristorante.  Mario’s was a really good restaurant!!


The Helstroms had driven down earlier and made arrangements with a local seafood restaurant, Nate’s West End Seafood, to cater the Saturday night meal in the campground clubhouse.  We also planned to eat at the restaurant on Friday night.  Nate’s is a typical Gulf Coast restaurant……..


Here are some pictures around the resort……

Stairs to the club house………. third floor!!

Office & Rally Room

Miniature golf course

Look At The Size of That Thing!

Our site……

The King's Coach

The club house…….

Richard Holding Court & the Buffalo

One of our members, Nancy Brinlee, had a birthday this weekend, and her husband had a commitment elsewhere.  The president of our club brought a couple of pies to celebrate the occasion, and a local ‘guy’ stood in for her husband………


As we left the resort on Sunday, we passed some beach houses……….


As we left, we had plenty of time to look at the area……… there was a bike ride and the traffic was down to one lane and almost stopped.


That’s all for this rally!!

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