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Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Minor Surgery!!

I have been living with  a “Hammer Toe” on the toe next to the BIG ONE on my right foot for a couple of years.  It finally got to be a problem when I wore any shoe other than tennis shoes……….. the top the toe would rub against the inside top of the shoe, and become raw, especially when I wore my old work boots.

On March 18, I had surgery scheduled to “fix” it.  We checked into the hospital for day surgery, and got settled in the surgery area.  One minute I was laying in bed talking to the nurses, and the next thing I knew was that people were yelling at me to wake up, and I was in recovery!!  Nothing to it!!

We tried to schedule the surgery between to RV rallies that were two weeks apart!!  It was scheduled the Wednesday after we got back from Sulphur, LA, and a week after the surgery, we were headed to a LSAC rally at the KOA in Goliad, TX.  Luckily, the latter was only 20 miles from home, and it was an easy drive with the surgery boot on my driving/braking foot!!

No pictures of the surgery, but the following were at my one-week follow-up.  The first was of the nurse who removed the dressing (and did not cut me any slack!!!), my poor toe that looks like it lost a major fight(!), and the Doctor telling me which little piggy went to market and which one was going to hurt REALLY BAD if I bumped it while driving the BUS!!


When they unwrapped my foot, it looked horrible………… I thought it had rotted, and was about to fall off.  The nurse just said that I had ‘cast skin’.  It has since recovered, and looks BEAUTIFUL again…….. and I did drive to the KOA and back without bumping it!

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