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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day #1 at Disney World -- Epcot

On Saturday, we began our visit to DW with a trip to the Epcot Center.  Patsy and I met Rachel and her parents at the “Land’' building in Epcot, where they were having breakfast. 

Here are some pictures of the Epcot Center that we took as we went in and also, when we walked around…..


After breakfast, we started with the boat ride through the “Living with the Land” exhibit.  Rachel enjoyed the ride.  After that, we needed to go to the World Showcase because Rachel had a reservation for a lunch at the “Akershus Royal Banquet Hall” in the Norway section of the World Showcase where she was dressed up as a princess by Deanne. 


After the lunch, we took Rachel to the “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” show, and then to the ‘fiesta’ boat ride in the Mexico area of the World Showcase.

Here is a picture of Grammie and Rachel at the fish exhibition at Nemo’s world……


Patsy and I left late in the afternoon to return to the Bus to rest.  Rachel and her parents stayed at Epcot a little later. In the evening, they came to the Bus in Fort Wilderness, where we made hamburgers and then participated in a Campfire Program at the campground hosted by Chip and Dale.  The had some campfires, and we were able to make S’mores!!

Before leaving for the Campfire program, Rachel opened ‘late’ birthday gifts that we brought from her Aunt Laura and Uncle Rick as well as cousins Matthew and Aubrey……


The gifts were a doll and a nightgown with Disney World themes that they had purchased when visiting here over Spring Break.

Rachel decided that she wanted to spend the night in the Bus, so her parents went to the hotel, and the rest of us stayed at the Bus to get some rest and sleep for Day #2!!

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Steve and Karen said...

Being good Grandparents! Good job. Wandering around Disney World can get tiring, though.