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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Days 3 & 4 Disney World–Magic & Animal Kingdoms

I have found that at Disney World, I get distracted during the day and don’t take as many photos as I thought I would.  Therefore, I am going to combined days for the blog posting.

On Monday, we went to the Magic Kingdom, and Tuesday found us at the Animal Kingdom.  Before Patsy and I got there, Rachel visited with Anna and Elsa at the Princess Fairy Tale Hall.  Soon after we met up with them, she got to meet Rapunzel and Cinderella at the same hall, and we got some pictures………


Later in the day, Rachel and her parents rode the Dumbo ride, and she liked operated the controls that caused it to go up and down…….


Afterwards, Rachel and Grammie rode the carousel and seemed to have a great time….


We also hopped a ride on the Steam Train that went around the entire Magic Kingdom, and Rachel really like it………..


At the end of the day, Rachel rode the boat back to Fort wilderness with us to spend another night in the Bus……..IMG_4954

On Tuesday at the Animal Kingdom, Rachel got the chance to visit with the jungle version of Mickey and Minnie…………..

IMG_5046Rachel also got the ‘family picture’ that she wanted…….

DSC01875 Shortly after this picture, we took a water ride where you “may get wet”!  We took the ride, and the seat where I ended up took the full brunt of the water splash.  I was told that it looked like a 10 gallon bucket was just dumped on me, and I got soaked.  I was totally wet, my wallet was wet, and my phone quit working (later I took it a part from the protective case and found a small drop of water between the screen and the clear protective panel.  Apparently this put pressure on some buttons and kept the others from working…… got lucky there!!  Patsy got hit, too!  Here’s what we looked like…..


On Tuesday night, we had dinner reservations at the “Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review” at the Pioneer Hall in Fort Wilderness.  The fare was ‘All You Can Eat Chicken and BBQ Ribs with sides served family style”.  Before the meal, we got another ‘family’ picture, and as you can see, we went to the Bus and got into dry clothes……..


Then we went to the dinner and show…….. another winner!!!


We even had our own washboard to play along with the band.

Another good pair of days done!!!

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