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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Heading to the Florida Amish Area

We woke up a little late on Saturday morning, and headed out of the Fort Wilderness campground where we had resided for 8 days, and headed west to the Gulf coast of Florida and Sarasota,. FL

From reading the blogs of other RV’ers that winter in Florida, I became aware that there was an Amish community in Pinecraft near Sarasota.  I had made a mental note that the next time we were in Florida, we would visit the community.

Here are a couple of site that document the information about the Amish in Florida…..




I provided the above information because we did not take any pictures in Pinecraft!!!!  I guess we burned out on taking pictures at Disneyworld!?

We did however, visit some of the few Amish shops, a quilt shop and a furniture store where we got to see the wonderful craftsmanship of the Amish.  We also stopped at the Der Dutchman restaurant and Bakery where we picked up some goodies……… including the ‘whoopee pies’ that I really like.

I had also had read on the Tiffin RV Owner’s Network (TRVN) about a Tiffin club in Florida called the Seacoast Tiffins.  We had met one of the couples who are members at a TRVN rally in Georgia about 2 years ago.  

Since we had to spend a night in Sarasota, I checked and found out that the campground where they had scheduled their rally was only 5 miles from Pinecraft……. so I decided to make a reservation there and drop in on their rally and visit them……. unannounced!


We did that, and met up with Charlie and Linda Hoffman at the Saturday night dinner in a local rally room at the campground.  We had a good visit at the dinner and, later, another visit in their coach for about an hour.  Nice to see you Linda and Charlie, and thanks for the hospitality.

On Sunday, we left Sarasota and drove about 350miles north to Carrabelle, FL.  We had a reservation at the Ho Hum RV Park for two nights.

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