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Monday, May 4, 2015

Final Weekend Rally --- Heading to Disney World!!

This past weekend, we participated in a rally of the Camping Friends club at the Country Place Campground in Cut n Shoot, TX. 

We had not made a rally with this club in about 10 months, and this meeting was well planned and a lot of fun.  Gail and Marvin, the hosts did a fine job.  We did not take any pictures and returned home on Sunday morning to get ready for our next trip, which begins tomorrow!!

We did find that the dreaded black ‘love’ bugs have returned with a vengeance!!  Here are a couple of pictures before we washed them off………


Luckily, before we left for Cut n Shoot, we used a new high tech wax on the mirrors and front paint (at the top of the windshield), Rain-x on the windshield glass, and 303 Protectant on the Diamond Shield (plastic paint protection) on the front paint at the bottom.  These applications  make it easier to clean the bugs off, but it was still a job!!

Tomorrow, immediately after Patsy completes a medical appointment, we will be heading out for a one month trip.  We are heading to Disney World via Gulf Shores, AL.  We will meet our granddaughter, Rachel, and her parents in Gulf Shores on Thursday to take Rachel to the beach……. which will be a new thing for her, since she is just over 4 years old.  On Friday, we will head to Kissimmee for a week at Disney World with them.  Patsy and I will be at Fort Wilderness and they will stay in one of the Disney hotels.  Rachel will probably spend a few nights with us in the Bus!!

Here are a couple of pictures of Rachel (from school) that we got at Christmas……


Since the Bus is clean, and we are heading to Florida, the HOME of the Love Bugs, we are going to treat the paint, Diamond Shield and windshield again to help remove the bugs when we get there.

After we leave Fort Wilderness on a Saturday, we will visit an Allegro club in Sarasota, FL on Saturday night, and then slowly head back to Texas along the Gulf Coast of Florida. We plan to complete our trip by attending a Lone Star Allegro Club rally at the Colorado Landings RV Park in La Grange, TX over the Memorial Day weekend.

On a last note, when we were at the Tiffin Service Center last January, we made a couple of trips to the nearby Amish areas of Mississippi and Tennessee looking for a child-size hickory rocker for my Nephew;s daughter…….. I guess my grand niece???  Anyway, we delivered it a couple of weeks ago, and here are some pictures Lillian sitting in her chair and her parents, John and Kristine……..


It did not take her very long to learn how to crawl in and out of it.

See you on our next trip!!

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