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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Working on The List --- But, It Is Cold!!

The weather outlook that I listed in the last post has pretty much come to fruition.  It has been ever bit as cold as predicted, and the rain on Monday made it a real mess, but we were OK in the Bus parked in a self-serve campground down the road from Tiffin.

On Monday, we visited the windshield shop and let them know we were ready for the replacement.  This morning at 10:30am, they called and told us to “Come On Down”.  We did, and in a couple of hours, they removed the cracked windshield, and re-installed a new one.  Here are some pictures:

Old coming out…….












It’s out………


Official Inspection Crew………


New windshield carefully going in………


And it is in with the peanut gallery growing……….


Immediately after we delivered the Bus to the Service Center, Patsy and I drove to the local Piggly-Wiggly Store, which has a lunch counter, and got a plate of Chicken & dumplings, along with a vegetable casserole and cheese macaroni to take back to the Bus.  It was large, so we shared it.


On the way to Piggly-Wiggly, we spotted a fountain in a new park in downtown Red Bay, that had been left on last night.  Naturally, it was iced over………..



With the windshield replaced, we still have a small list of work at Brannon’s Custom RV on Thursday, and the application of the Diamond Shield over the new front end paint that is currently scheduled for next Monday.

We are hoping to leave Red Bay on Tuesday of next week and head back to Texas.  It all depends on the weather and the ability to get the work done.

In the meantime, we will just hunker down!!


Steve and Karen said...

Richard, why the WS replacement. A recent severe crack or just an accumulation of cracks thru the years?

Richard and Patsy King said...

We did have several small chips and cracks, two of which were repaired, but we got a big one on the way to Q, and since we were heading this way, decided to get it fixed.

As cold as it has been, seems like some bumps cause it to grow!!