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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Weather Affects Our Travel Plans!!

As posted previously, the painting of the front of the Bus was completed last Thursday and the plan was for it to cure out over the weekend and get the Diamond Shield (DS) put on this Monday.

Then the weather stepped in and made me change my mind.  The DS site states that if should be installed in a temperature of 65 to 90 degrees.  While I am sure it will be at least 65 in the work bay at Tiffin, it will be a lot lower once the Bus is backed outside in this cold weather!

The following chart is copied off the AccuWeather.com site.  Based on this forecast, I have canceled our DS install for tomorrow (Monday), and have requested a new appointment for the following Monday, Feb 20.




In the meantime, I will try to get the scheduled windshield replacement completed and the miscellaneous repairs at Brannon’s shop completed during this week.  If my “plan” works, we may be able to get out of Red Bay on Tuesday, and attend the Lone Star Allegro rally in New Braunfels, TX beginning Thursday, Feb 26.

Today was mainly a day of adding heat lamps in the wet bay and behind the refrigerator.  I already had them in those places, but the one behind the refrigerator rolled around somewhere between the cold weather in Northern Arizona and here, and came into contact with the wiring causing the insulation to melt and the wrong bare wires to come into contact with each other.  An hours’ work splicing those wires took care of the problem.

Time will tell what will happen. In the mean time, let the snow and ice fall!

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