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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Red Bay in the Rear View Mirror ---- Hello, Texas!!!

We woke up on Tuesday morning with an appointment for installing the Diamond Shield on the front of the Bus, and a real desire to hit the road again!! 

We had been in Red Bay since February 5…… pushing the 3 week mark!!!   Normally, I don’t mind being in Red Bay, where you have access to all kinds of techs that can make modifications to your Bus, access to spare parts, and a peaceful place to park.  However, since we arrived, the weather has been very cold, and always had the threat of ice and snow but we never got very much in Red Bay!

As we were getting the Bus ready to head to the Service Center, I had trouble with a leveling jack not wanting to retract.  I finally got it up, and got to my appointment on time.  After letting the coach fiberglass warm up a bit, the Diamond Shield guys got started.


Since the Diamond Shield guy is located in the mechanical shop, I asked a mechanic to check the jack.  As I suspected, it had a problem with the motor, so I asked him if he could change it out ‘that day’!!  He said ‘yes, if I could get a work ticket’!

I went to the office, and talked a lady into getting me a work ticket quickly, and brought it back just as Diamond Shield Guy was finishing up, and the mechanic pulled my rig into the next bay, with a lift system, and changed it out!!  I was really lucky to get fit in!!IMG_4555IMG_4559

The guys in the mechanical shop finished it quickly.  I paid the lady in the office, hooked up the car, and Patsy and I were on the road toward the south by 1:30PM.  Our destination was New Braunfels, TX for a lone Star Allegro rally this weekend.  The weather forecast called for snow and sleet for Tuesday night again in Red Bay, and we really wanted to leave!!

Our original plan was to head south to Jackson, MS, and then take I-20 toward Shreveport, LA and Dallas, TX.  However, as we were watching the news and weather on TV, we heard a comment about “I-20 in Shreveport becoming an ice skating rink”, so I pulled over at a truck stop, and we looked at the map software and weather channels on the internet. 

After a little studying, we found that it was only about 40 miles further to take I-55 South and pickup 1-10 in Louisiana and take it west to New Braunfels.  We made the change, and the road was nice and clear.  We even had partially blue skies most of the afternoon.


On Tuesday, we made it as far as Amite, LA and spent the night at a Wal-Mart.  Wednesday morning, we filled up with diesel for $2.42/gal at the Wal-Mart Murphy’s station, and took off.  We had rain from the time we left, and all along I-10 to the Texas border, but it was warmer, and a lot better than snow.


We made it to a Texas rest area near Seguin, TX about 6:00pm and shut down for the night.  It was a 500 mile day, but we were only 20 miles from New Braunfels.

At the rest area, we watched TV DISH, and checked things on my PC with my MIFI from Verizon.  Found some news from friends at Red Bay.  They had snow, and the Tiffin factory and service was shutting down on Thursday due to snow!!  Here are some pictures (borrowed from others cuz’ we weren’t there!!)………

 Accident in progress with snowCRB with snowFun with snowIMG_1083IMG_1084

Of course, for Texan’s, snow can be beautiful!!

IMG_1085Snow in the trees

We are currently parked and set up (in the sun) at the Hill Country RV Resort in New Braunfels for the Lone Star rally that officially starts tomorrow.

This afternoon, we are visiting  Gruene Historical District, and meeting friends at the Gristmill Restaurant for dinner.


More later……….

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