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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 Winter Trip --- Phoenix Cummins & Super Bowl

On Sunday evening, January 25, when we arrived at the Phoenix Cummins Shop for our Monday appointment, we spend some time driving around the area of the site of the 2015 Super Bowl.  We saw the stadium with the “Super Bowl XLIX” logo painted on it as well as the NFL Experience area around the stadium.  We also saw the Goodyear, DirecTV, and MetLife blimps that were circling the stadium each day ahead of the Sunday game.  Here are some pictures…….


Early on Monday morning, I met with Gerry in the service office, and he got somebody right on our Bus.  Steve, who seemed to be highly competent and dependable, was on it, also. Steve had early on suspected from what I told him and what he observed that we probably had an injector problem.  They ended up changing all six of them, and also had to clean out the DPF…….. Again!!  In fact, before it was over, they installed a brand new DPF on the Bus. 

We might have left on Wednesday, but a final inspection found that our ‘fuel rail’, essentially a fuel header to the injectors, was leaking diesel.  It was determined that it had sustained some damaged during re-assembly, and they had to overnight a new one from Columbus, IN.  That cost us another day off the trip, but both them and I wanted the job done right!

While  the engine repairs were being done, I was attempting to negotiate some refund compensation from Cummins management for a lot of work that was costly, but ineffective. 

By the time we settled up and got back on the road on Thursday afternoon, Cummins and I had agreed to a settlement that I thought was fair for this visit, and we left satisfied.  I also had a satisfied feeling that my repairs were finally completed correctly……… but pessimistic!!

Again, Gerry and the service supervisor, Bill, were very good to work with and the whole shop seemed more competent and professional than any other Cummins shop that I had worked with.

We left Phoenix about 5:00pm and headed north on I-17 to Kingman, AZ where we planned to take I-40 toward Albuquerque.  As far as the engine performance, it did very well and has for the last 1450 miles that got us to Little Rock, where we are now!!  Good job, Gerry, Bill, Steve, and all who worked on the Bus………. THANKS!!

So far, only one Cummins glitch……. Gerry called me on Friday about noon, and asked me how it was going, and where I was.  I was glad that he was interested, but I sensed an issue in his voice, and there was one!  The Tech had failed to reprogram the engine computer for the new PDF!!

Gerry asked me how close I was to Albuquerque?  I told him that I had just arrived and was at a gas station fueling up.  He wanted to set up an appointment at the Albuquerque Cummins to do the reprograming.  He gave me the address, I put it into my GPS, and we were only 8 miles away……… and in the direction of our travel plans.  Before I finished fueling up, Gerry called the Cummins shop and made arrangements for me to pull in there, and be immediately taken care of. 

I found the location, and they did exactly what Gerry told me.  Another home run for Gerry.  I don’t know if he is that good, maybe just really lucky, but I don’t care, as it worked well for me.  Thanks again, Gerry!!

Although the Phoenix facility finally fixed my engine, we still did not have a smooth sailing trip afterwards……….. more in the next post!!

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