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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mon/Tues at Red Bay; Wed–Another Amish Day Trip

On Monday, we drove over to Deaton’s Body shop for our 7:00AM arrival, and they were waiting and ready for us.  They pulled the Bus into a bay, and immediately began to remove the damaged generator cover and found more damage on the corners of the opening in the main cap, and around the mirror that was literally ripped off by the boom of the tow truck.

While they were working on the Bus, we decided to drive to nearby Tupelo, MS.  Patsy needed to attend a weight watchers meeting and get weighed in, and I decided that if we were going to drive 45 miles, we might as well do something useful! 

We decided to see a move…… American Sniper!  It was as good as everyone is saying, and we went to a 3:25PM showing and  there were less than two dozen people there so we had choice seats.

After the movie, we drove back to Red Bay, and spent our first night in Deaton’s Body shop!  It was dark and quiet, .but no TV reception!!  We went to bed early.  Here is a picture of the body shop, and we are presently in the first bay on the left.  You can see the Tiffin manufacturing plant to the left of his building.  He is right at the entrance.


After I got up this morning, I took some pictures of the progress of the work. 


When we woke up, we still had black paint.  When we returned from going over to the Tiffin campground to take showers, it was all primed.  You can see the generator cover sitting on the saw horses…… they have worked for two days patching the fiber glass on it.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Patsy and I plan to take another Day trip to Etheridge, TN to tour some more Amish country.  The crew here works from 5:00AM to 2:00PM.   I am not sure what all they do from 5 – 8, from it sure is noisy!!! 

I told them about our plans to be gone by 8:00AM in the morning, and they said that was good, because they are going to move the Bus to the paint booth at that time, and begin the painting process.  I asked if they needed to move it earlier, and they said that before 8:00AM tomorrow, they will be sanding.  The use pneumatic sanders, and they are noisy, so we will not be setting our alarms for tomorrow, and we will probably get an earlier start!

I hate accidents, because you never know how the repair, and especially the paint job is going to turn out!!  Deaton’s is known for good work, so I will just hope it works out!!

Today, I took the opportunity, since it was cold outside, and we were stuck here, to finish some repairs that my son, Rick and I started at home.  I am having trouble with the 50A cable cord reel, so Rick put some plugs on it so that I could use an extension cord to provide power to the Bus.  My plan was to put additional ends on the reel cords so that I could ‘play with it and test it’ and since I have picked up the parts along the way, I installed them today.  Rick did the others, and I did these.  It was hard to manipulate the heavy 6ga wires into place. 

If I do determine that the contacts on the reel are bad, I found the best price on a replacement reel with cord right here at the Tiffin Service Center parts store.  So, I need to determine the problem before we leave.

Patsy took some pictures……..


I did not want to light up the shop, so I used a ‘heat lamp’ that I use in my wet bay to keep my water tanks from freezing for both light and heat.  It worked just fine!!

Also, Patsy had found a hair dresser in town during one of her walks, and had made an appointment for today at noon………. so she got that out of the way until we get back home in March.

The next post will be on our Tennessee Amish day trip, and hopefully a good update on our paint progress.

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