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Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Visit to Little Rock and Granddaughter, Rachel!!

On Monday, we arrived at the North Little Rock Riverside RV Park at about 3:00pm.  We phoned Deanne and made arrangements to meet them for dinner that evening, and to pick up Rachel for a few days.  She was excited to be spending some time with us in the Bus!!

The following are some pictures that we took of her during the visit.  In the first one, she and I watched videos of our last visit where we went to a Fall festival, and she rode her first pony….


Later, we put our coats on to go shopping.  One place was the Dollar Tree, her favorite store, where she did some of her own shopping…..



She purchased a lot of “jewelry”, and when we got back to the Bus, she tried it on……


For lunch on Wednesday, we took her to “The Purple Cow”, her favorite hamburger and ice cream shop.  While there, she colored her menu…….



She also posed with “Grammie”……..


On Wednesday afternoon, we took Rachel to her swimming lessons.  Luckily for her, it was at an indoor heated pool……


Before we took her to school on Thursday morning, she wanted to take a picture with me!!!!


She is one smart and happy little girl……….. and really well behaved!!  I am not prejudice because she is my granddaughter…… it is just the way it is!!!

After dropping her off at school, and meeting her Mom to return her ‘bags of clothes’ and new things that we bought her, Patsy and I headed to Red Bay to get some repairs made to the Bus.  It is expected to be below 20 degrees there tonight, so we left early to find a place to plug into electricity to keep some heat on the water tanks!

We plan to be in the Red Bay area about 10 days to 2 weeks. More on our Red Bay visit in the next post

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