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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Day Trip to the Amish Country in Tennessee

This morning, we left Red Bay at about 7:30AM and drove 90 miles north to Etheridge, TN to visit the Tennessee Amish Community.

As we got near, we saw a lot of Amish traffic going the other way toward Lawrenceburg, TN, where we assumed they were having a farm auction.  Most of the Amish horses were pulling special ‘animal hauling’ buggies, although there was the normal horse and buggies!


We had printed a map of the area off the internet, which turned out to be good because the folks at the local ‘Amish Welcome Center’ did not open until after 11:00am.  By then, we had toured about 40% of the area.  Like in Mississippi, signs were posted at the farm entrances to denote what and if they were selling that day.  A lot of them were selling!!

Here is a variety of the homes and farm buildings………..



One of the differences that we noticed between the Mississippi & Tennessee  versus the Amish from Ohio and Pennsylvania was the upkeep of the houses, farm buildings and the grounds around them.  The northern Amish keep their grounds manicured, plant colorful flowers and shrubs, and meticulously keep the buildings clean and painted,  The southern Amish, while maintaining the structures, there is a lot of unpainted wood, and the grounds are more overgrown with weeds and wild brush.  However, they are all very hard working!!

Here are some pictures of people…….












The following are miscellaneous pictures that we liked…..


A school yard at recess time……….


The following was a sorghum making facility at one of the farms……


And lastly, is the farm where we purchased a gift for a great niece in Victoria….


We returned back to Red Bay, and Deaton’s Body shop about 5:00pm, after traveling almost 300 miles.  This was the results of today’s work, from gray primer to the base color, with the masking for the design on the front.  It should get more colorful tomorrow…..


Not sure what we will do on Thursday, but for sure, we will sleep in!!

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