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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bus Painting Update

As stated in the last post, we got back to Red Bay last night, and found the Bus in the paint booth and a door unlocked for us to enter the building….. just as Bruce Deaton said!

When they came to work at 5:00AM this morning, they were, as usual, very noisy with raising the large metal doors, talking and playing the radio real loud!!  I think they have a contract to provide music to downtown Red Bay………. they act like this is a working body shop instead of an inside boon docking facility with 50A power hookup!!

Anyway, it really doesn’t bother us since they are so accommodating and do really good work!  When I heard them this morning, I got up and asked the painter if we needed to get up and get out.  He just replied in a southern voice…. Stay in or stay out!!  I got him to repeat that in RSRT (Real Simple Richard Terms), and he told me that since he had to put plastic over the whole front half of the Bus (including the entrance door) and seal it, we either had to get out or plan to stay in until he finished!  When I asked, he stated that he would probably finish around noon to 2:00pm. 

Having just gotten out of bed, I chose the latter, and when I got back to bed, Patsy agreed that it was the right choice!  We slept until about 9:00am, and then patsy got up and did some baking…… cookies and a cake.  I got on my PC and read emails, blogs, and paid some bills through Wells Fargo.

About 10:30am, there was a knock on the door.  We weren’t exactly all that dressed, but Patsy answered it and the painter said he was finished.  I heard Patsy ask him when he was going to do the clear coat (ain’t it neat that she knows that stuff?!!), and he said it was already done!

I later had a discussion with Bruce Deaton, and he wants us to spend another night in the paint booth to let it dry good.  That is fine with us, because surprisingly, there is no smell, and it is going to get down to 17 degrees tonight and it is only getting up to 37 today.  Needless to say, we have not been outside the shop today!!

The rig looks really good, and here are some  pictures.  The vertical white strips are reflections of the lights on the wall!!  (NoteYou can always click on any photo to enlarge it)…


Plus some pictures from the rear…………  the rig looks good in the paint booth light!!!


Right now, we are scheduled to have the Diamond Shield put on the front cap on Monday.  Then we have to get the windshield replaced and then have some work done on the front A/C and the DS slide at another shop in town.  We are hoping to get back on the road at the end of next week.

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