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Monday, January 23, 2012

2011–An Update for the year!

For us, 2011 was a “back to the future” type of time.   I went back to work at ALCOA on February 7 and worked until November 11………… almost ten months.  I enjoyed work, but after being retired for over 6 years, the daily routine of ‘having to be somewhere at a specific time’, and waking up each morning at 5:30AM gave me a grim reminder of why I wanted to retire in the first place.  Here is a picture of my office and the bookcase, which was the only personalization that I did…………..



It was a good year, with the birth of our daughter’s first child and our third grandchild, and a couple of quick trips with the local grandkids.

In April, since she was not in public school yet, we took our granddaughter, Aubrey, to see her new cousin, Rachel, in Little Rock.  That trip did get posted, so no more about it here.

During the July 4 weekend, we took our daughter-in-law and the two grandkids to the beach at Mustang Island in Port Aransas, and our son, Rick, drove down to meet us on the holiday.  We included a trip to Sea World in San Antonio in that excursion.  Again, that trip was covered in the second of only two blogs during 2011. 

In my anal mind, I did not want to start blogging until I summarized 2011………… so that is the purpose of this blog.

In September, the grandkids celebrated their 6th and 7th birthdays.   Here is a picture…….


During the fall, our grandkids were active in football and cheerleading at the school where they attend.   Matthew is in first grade, and Aubrey is in Kindergarten.  Here are a couple of pictures of these really great looking kids……………

Matthew played offensive tackle, and I think he found it a little bit boring………. kinda like playing the outfield in baseball.   He likes to be involved!!  He seems to like soccer a whole lot more, and is very motivated in it.

Matt's Soccer 004

Finally, to wrap up the year, some Christmas pictures, beginning with Rachel………..


Then all three grandkids………..096

Christmas 2011 109

and finally, a family shot with Great Grandma King…..


Immediately after retiring, we planned three consecutive trips to have a Christmas campout with the groups that we camping groups that we belong to…… The Camping Friends, The Texas Boomers, and The Lone Star Allegro Club.

That about wraps up the year 2011.  Now on to traveling in the Bus in 2012!!

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