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Friday, January 27, 2012

Yuma, AZ–Day 2

Today was our second day in Yuma.  After spending almost 10 days in the desert at Quartzsite, without hookups, we had a lot of laundry to get done……… and a lot of sand and dust to remove out of the Bus.  We cleaned everything from bed sheets to cabinets.  This effort kept us busy last night and most of this morning. 

We planned the housework at that time because we had an appointment at noon, local time, to pay for our three nights at this campground and did not want to leave and have to hurry back.  Our presentation only took about 45 minutes and it is just not a good deal for us.  For those who full-time and/or travel a lot more, may see it as an advantage.  Since we were a little early for the session, we drove around and took a few more pictures of the ‘resort’!

The park entrance…..

Yuma - Day 2 003

The office and party room……

Yuma - Day 2 002

A view from outside the park……

Yuma - Day 2 004

The only site with grass…..

Yuma - Day 2 001

After the presentation, we took off and went shopping at a Kohl’s because Patsy had a 20% off coupon……. go figure!! We found something for our youngest grandchild, and a dip bowl for the Bus.  After that, we stopped at an Inn/Out burger chain for a bite of lunch, and then toured the area.  We found the location where our friends, the Didelots are staying, and hit a Walmart for a few more supplies.

On the way back, we checked out what looked like a little chapel on a hill across the interstate highway from the park.  It turned out to be The Museum of Granite located in Felicity, CA. Here’s is what we saw from the road……….

Yuma - Day 2 009

and some close-ups………

Yuma - Day 2 006Yuma - Day 2 011

Check out the hyperlink, it is neat!

We also checked out a casino that is located just down the road from our campground.   We registered, and each got our $10 free cash to play slots.  We also checked out the parking lot for boon docking on Sunday night.

Tomorrow, we plan to attend a Burger Party at one of the snowbird neighborhoods where our friends Jag and Bev live for the winter.  Mark and Sue will also attend.  Tomorrow night, we will attend a steak dinner here at the resort.

Sunday, we plan to go to the border and cross into Mexico to Algodones.  Keep reading this space to make sure we get back alive!!

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