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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Desert Bar & Our RVA Friends

Last Sunday, we traveled to a local attraction The Desert Bar  with some of the other Tiffin owners at the rally…… Mark and Sue, John (Jag) and Bev from Canada, and Dan from Pittsburgh.  The location was about 50 miles from here, and included about 6 miles of very rough and crude desert road.

Dan's Pictures 028Dan's Pictures 029Dan's Pictures 031Dan's Pictures 032Dan's Pictures 033

Here are some pictures when we finally arrived…..

Desert Bar 001

People standing in line for food taken from the foot bridge… we were soon in that line!!

Desert Bar 004

Some of the high dollar decorations……..

Desert Bar 005

The bandstand……….

Desert Bar 006

Our group dining…..l to r:  Jag, Dan, Mark, Sue, myself and Bev.   Patsy took the picture!

Desert Bar 008Desert Bar 012

The men’s restroom……….

Desert Bar 017

The church steeple……..no church, just the steeple!!

Desert Bar 023

A look into the women’s restroom from across the way…

Desert Bar 026Desert Bar 030

Patsy and Sue posing in the “horseshoe” rocker and bench…..

Desert Bar 033

Before we left, we sat and listened to the band.  Eventually, some of the ladies got on the dance floor.  I have not learned how to post a video………. YET!

When we got back to Quartzsite, we packed up our chairs and some snacks, and headed over the the RVAmerica campsite.   Before we had a Tiffin rally here, we always camped with this group, and made some good friends.  Here are some pictures…………..

Desert Bar 042Desert Bar 044Desert Bar 045

In addition to the meal and conversation, it is a tradition that on one of the nights, all male newcomers are presented with a “Trailer Trash” ball cap to signify membership in this group.  The women are given “Quartzsite Divas” headbands.

Desert Bar 047Desert Bar 048

Until next time……..

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