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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heading for Yuma, AZ

Yesterday was quiet. First thing in the morning, Patsy and I drove the Bus into Quartzsite to buy propane because we were at a level of “0” on the gauges. Later in the day, Mark and I ended up doing projects in other RV’s. Mark installed an additional electrical receptacle on the PS of Roger and Donna’s coach, while I helped a guy from California, Chris, tie into a propane line under his kitchen cabinet and route it to the cabinet door to allow hooking up a catalytic heater similar to what Mark and I did a couple of years ago.

We each finished our projects just in time to enjoy a shrimp and fish dinner that Sue made in their RV to celebrate our last night together in Quartzsite. Patsy made some baked potatoes with condiments and iced brownies, while Roger and Donna brought the veggies. We all got our fill, and it was very good. Thanks, Sue!

This morning, we cranked up the Bus, and pointed it southward to Yuma, AZ after spending the last 9 days without hookups in the desert at Quartzsite. The first three pictures below show views of the 47 different Tiffin rigs at the rally, and the fourth shows part of the 5 that were still left this morning as we drove away. Two of the 5 were Mark and Roger, who were leaving later in the day……..

Dan's Pictures 016Dan's Pictures 019Dan's Pictures 025

Yuma (Phone) 002

It was about an 85 mile drive to Yuma, and below are some of the sights:

Saguaro cacti….

Yuma 003Yuma 005

The road to Yuma was a mostly two-lane highway, with a lot of traffic, but not much to see….

Yuma 002

As we approached Yuma, it became evident why Yuma is considered a major produce farming area in the USA. Crops and produce stands were plentiful….

Yuma 016Yuma 017Yuma 019Yuma 022Yuma 025

Just inside the city, we quickly spotted one of our buddy, Manuel’s favorite restaurants….. Mimi’s!!

Yuma 043

A little later, we spotted the artwork on Yuma’s water supply tanks…..

Yuma 039Yuma 042

Last weekend, while strolling through the RV tent at the Quartzsite show, we picked a coupon to camp at one of a group of campgrounds in a membership company where you ‘join’ and get to camp at a reduced cost. To “pay” for the three nights, we need to sit through a 60 minute sales pitch! That is scheduled for noon tomorrow. Don’t worry kids, I know how to “just say ‘no’”! The campground that we chose is “Pilot Knob RV Resort” at Winterhaven, CA, which is just inside California from Yuma. Here are some pictures of our site…

Yuma 046Yuma 047

The “security” shack!!!

Yuma 050

After we got set up, we took the car and searched out the flea markets that we visited during previous visits. We did not find anything that we could not live without, but did get to see some entertainment………..

Yuma (Phone) 003Yuma (Phone) 004Yuma (Phone) 005

We left the market and on the way back to the Bus, we stopped at a Wal-Mart for supplies (after 9 days in the desert). On the way back, we saw this hot air balloon in the sky…..

Yuma 054Yuma 056

Tonight, we are enjoying the full hookups……… taking long hot showers, washing and drying clothes, watching both TV’s and burning a lot of lights!!

Tomorrow, I will post more pictures of the campground.

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