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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yuma, AZ–Day 3

Last night after I posted the daily blog, Patsy got some good sunset pictures out of the Windshield of the Bus.   Here they are……..

Yuma -- Day 3 003Yuma -- Day 3 005Yuma -- Day 3 007Yuma -- Day 3 009Yuma -- Day 3 010

This morning, we slept in late, and then drove over to The Palms RV Resort to spend the afternoon with Jag and Bev from Canada. 

On the way to the resort, we encountered some of the “political” motivated 99%-ers on a street corner…..

Yuma -- Day 3 014Yuma -- Day 3 015

Also invited were Mark and Sue, and Greg and Mandy Faure, whom we have not seen in a couple of years.  The resort was having a classic car show, and a burger bash.  Here are some pictures of our group:

Mark and Sue with Patsy……..

Yuma -- Day 3 026

Bev and Jag…….

Yuma -- Day 3 042

Greg and Mandy………

Yuma -- Day 3 044

Here are some pictures of the resort and our group……….

Yuma -- Day 3 016Yuma -- Day 3 018Yuma -- Day 3 023Yuma -- Day 3 024Yuma -- Day 3 025

For the burger bash, the resort had entertainment….. an Elvis impersonator!

Yuma -- Day 3 021Yuma -- Day 3 027Yuma -- Day 3 045

This was one of the best car shows that I have seen…. a lot of really well restored vehicles……….

Yuma -- Day 3 028Yuma -- Day 3 029Yuma -- Day 3 030Yuma -- Day 3 031Yuma -- Day 3 032Yuma -- Day 3 037Yuma -- Day 3 039Yuma -- Day 3 040

As with all things, there was one entry that was different and unique……………

Yuma -- Day 3 033A note on the inside of the windshield….

Yuma -- Day 3 034

The back side…………

Yuma -- Day 3 035

and complete with a ceramic dog peeing on the tire….

Yuma -- Day 3 036

As we left, I got a shot of Bev at their RV site…….

Yuma -- Day 3 047

On the return trip, we spotted more people working in the fields.  Note in the next picture that they use a bus to transport people to the job site, complete with porta-cans on a trailer in the back!

Yuma -- Day 3 055

Here’s a couple of pictures of the working setup….

Yuma -- Day 3 056Yuma -- Day 3 059

Back at our resort (campground), we had our free meal that came with the sales pitch that we spend 45 minutes listening to.  It was pretty good, and here is a picture of Patsy’s plate……

Free Cmpgrd Meal

Tomorrow, we will be moving the Bus over to a casino located one exit toward Yuma, and heading to Algodones, MX in the car. 


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