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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On To Quartzsite…………….

We left the Benson, AZ campground and drove to Tucson, AZ where we parked the motorhomes at a Camping World store, and took our cars to shop at a Trader Joe’s and a Wal-Mart to stock up for the stay in the desert.

We left Tucson, and headed to Gila Bend, AZ, to the Holt Shell Station campground, a Passport America park, where we had full hookups for $12 a night.   This has become a normal stop for us when we come to Quartzsite.  We use the full hookups to do laundry, dump our dirty tanks, and fill up with fresh water before hitting the desert.

We arrived at Quartzsite, and being the first of the Tiffin rally, we staked out the claim for our part of the desert.  The spot that we used last year was taken, so Mark and I found another one nearby……… and it worked out well!

The have a new town sign for Quartzsite………

Desert Bar 039

We paid our $40 to the BLM, and got our stickers for two weeks of glorious “dry” camping in the desert.

Here are some pictures of our camp…….

Desert Bar 061Desert Bar 064Desert Bar 065Desert Bar 068

I spent the first two days of our stay working on my failed front jack, and making phone calls to the jack company, Atwood and to the Tiffin Plant.  My neighbor here, Dan, from Pittsburgh, helped me repair the jack.  He was daring, and since it was broke, I had nothing to lose, so we took it apart, and found a broken pin.   A trip to the hardware store and 26 cents later, we had a pin.  However it was a hollow pin, and the broken one was solid………. time will tell how long it will work.

However, after we re-installed the jack, the coach leveled just fine.  On Monday, Patsy and I left the camp to go to the dump station and to refill our fresh water.  The jacks retracted just fine, and the coach leveled again when we returned to the camp.

The results of my phone calls ended up with Atwood and Tiffin agreeing to install a new upgraded set of jacks, complete with new computer and wiring for free.  The cost started out at $2700 and change, so I am pleased!

We have an appointment at the Tiffin factory on March 5 to get this done, along with some other repairs, including some body work where I lost a battle with a shopping cart at a Wal-Mart store in El Paso.

I will close this post with some sunset shots from our camp……

Desert Bar 049Desert Bar 050Desert Bar 052Desert Bar 058Desert Bar 063Desert Bar 066


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