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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On to Gila Bend……….

Monday morning, we left the casino in Yuma and drove on I-8 to Gila Bend.  We discovered a small campground behind Holt’s Shell Truck Stop several years ago, and it is a Passport America park, which means we park there with full hookups for 1/2 price.

As we left the casino parking lot, we spotted a couple of interesting sights…. a very small Winnebago motorhome, and a Class A from Canada that must had the level sensor out of kilter, or the driver leveled it manually after drinking too much!  You can see the front wheels way off the ground …… while the coach in the forefront is leveled with wheels on the ground….

Holt Shell Campground 001

Holt Shell Campground 004

Along the way, the road was somewhat lonely, but pleasant to look at the tall cactus.  Here are a few pictures…….

Yuma to Tucson 005Yuma to Tucson 006Yuma to Tucson 007Yuma to Tucson 008Yuma to Tucson 010

On the way, we passed by Dateland, AZ, which used to be just a fuel station and a date store that sold all things…. dates!  Now, they have combined both into one new building, and the date stuff is disappointing……… it is now just a fuel/convenience store with a token selection of date stuff……

Yuma to Tucson 001

Yuma to Tucson 002Yuma to Tucson 003Yuma to Tucson 004

It took about 2 hours to get to Gila Bend, and as soon as we fueled up and got parked in a space, we began to wash the car and the Bus.  There was a lot of desert dust on both…. inside and out!  Here are the results……

Holt Shell Campground 006Holt Shell Campground 009Holt Shell Campground 010Holt Shell Campground 011

After a good night’s rest, we will head to Tucson for two nights.

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