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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4 – Last Day at the Beach

We went back to the beach and took a couple of pictures of the kite flying on the beach.  There were a bunch, including some ‘interesting’ ones……

Port Aransas '11 077 Port Aransas '11 079 Port Aransas '11 087

While the kids, Mom and Grammy were in the pool, I drove around and took some photos of the resort and individual lots….

The pool and office complex…….

Port Aransas '11 092 Port Aransas '11 095 Port Aransas '11 096

A lot for sale for an “asking price” of $88,000

Port Aransas '11 097

My favorite lot……….

Port Aransas '11 098 Port Aransas '11 099

The walkway to the beach……..

Port Aransas '11 100

Our site………..

Port Aransas '11 104

The kids got new “4th of July” shirts……

Port Aransas '11 109

The kids were happy………. Dad showed up a little after lunch and was able to stay until dark…..

Port Aransas '11 124  Port Aransas '11 106 Port Aransas '11 107 Port Aransas '11 120 Port Aransas '11 123


We left Port Aransas this morning at about 10:30AM and arrived in San Antonio about 2:00PM.  We got checked into the Admiralty RV park, and just rested.  It was hot…. about 104!!

Here is a picture of Laura using her computer on the trip to San Antonio using the Bus WIFI to update some pictures and files.  She likes vacationing in the Bus……. or maybe it is just being with her FIL!!

Port Aransas '11 136

And the kids are having fun, too!

Port Aransas '11 105Port Aransas '11 090

More from San Antonio tomorrow…….

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